Should I use free drag & drop app creator platform to develop android app?

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      A lot of platforms are providing free android application development on their platforms. A static application can be ready within minutes from their platforms. But, Is it worthy to develop an application in such a way or join web academy to learn core Android development?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      Yes, There are many third party free android application development frameworks providing app development within minutes; But, Third-party free platforms aren’t giving full access to the application (by placing watermarks or brand logo) or using some premium plans.

      It is definitely worth learning Android development to know it’s fundamentals to core development. You can make your own customized application with specific features by learning android programming from training institutes.

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      Building the front end is possible with any of the drag and drop builder platforms that you choose. But the real challenge to make it work is to develop custom features like push notifications, custom look, background operations, other features.

      It is necessary to choose an android development course instead of relying on drag & drop app builder; It provides more capability to develop the custom look & functionality in order to meet the requirements of the Android app. It requires the basic knowledge of Java (or Kotlin).

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