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      What are some skill requirements to make career in robotics?

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      First of all, someone who going to make a career in robotics will have a bright future in it.
      And for that skill requirements can be in,
      Algorithms(Especially for Navigation)

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      What robotics mainly focus on?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      I would like to give these questions’ answer:
      Robotics mainly focus on artificial intelligence. It is the subject which is going to transform the tech and engineering enterprise. Robotics mainly focus on how to make a robot that really works and behave like a human.

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      Required Key Skills to Have a Sparkling Career in Robotics.

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      1. System Thinking
      – A good roboticist should able to understand how all of the different systems work together and should comfortable with the theory behind all of them.
      2. Active Learning
      -As an active learner, it will help you to learn new things quickly and easily when the need arises throughout your whole career.
      3. The Programming Mindset
      – A good robotician should be comfortable learning any new language if and when it is required.
      4. Judgment or Decision Making
      5. Technology Design
      6. Complex Problem Solving
      7. Persistence
      – Persistence in the sense, trying to explain a complex topic to others.

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