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      Career paths for software QA professionals.

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      The list is here:
      1. Product Manager
      2. Customer Experience Leader
      3. Enterprise Architect
      4. IT Management
      5. QA Manager

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      How to begin a career in QA testing.

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      – First of all, start to analyze things in all the ways you can. Start to observe things as a customer point of view. It will help you most to do a good start.
      -If you asking for tech skills then having a foundation level certificate in Testing will definitely get you a job. For that, you can do a specific QA course from a trustworthy academy/institute.
      -Learn Software Development Life Cycle. It is the basic of QA.

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      Is software quality assurance a good career choice?

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      The answer is definitely yes.
      -As a tester, you’re upholding the end user and making sure that they’re being delivered a quality product. And all know that quality is the most important part of any of the product/thing.
      – A quality tester’s demand is rising day by day. In fact, just last year, QA was considered one of the fastest growing spot out there.

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      Why QA professional is the job of the future?

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      Alongside our increasing dependence on software, the cost of delivering poor quality software is rising. And as a result, corporations need better quality assurance than before.
      – Today everyone wants to have the latest and greatest technology. But what exactly is the latest and greatest technology? The answer is a QA professional sits right in the center of all the development, reviewing, and testing technology before it hits the hands of users. Then it’s become the latest and greatest technology.
      As per these points, QA professional is the job of the future.

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      Differentiate manual testing and automation testing.

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      Manual testing
      Manual testing is the testing of software where tests are executed manually by QA Analysts. It doesn’t require any tool to perform testing. The tester checks all the essential features of the given software. In this process, the software testers execute the test cases and generate the test reports without the help of any automation software testing tools. It is a classical method of all testing types and helps very much in find bugs.
      The benefit is The manual testing method allows human observation, which may be useful to offer a user-friendly system.

      Automation Testing
      In Automation Testing, testers write code/test scripts to automate test execution. Testers use appropriate automation tools to develop test scripts and validate the software. Automated testing entirely relies on the pre-scripted test which runs automatically to compare actual result with the expected results. Automation requires some manual effort to create initial testing scripts. As most of the part of the testing process is automated, you can have a speedy and efficient process

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