most common commands in React Native

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      What are some of the most common commands in React Native?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      >react-native init NewApplication
      Create a new application

      > react-native start
      Get the development server up and running on port 8081

      > react-native run-ios
      > react-native run-android
      Build the application and load it up onto the device. Be careful running these commands above since they tend to open new Terminal windows in the background

      > react-native link
      React Native can automatically link package dependencies like react-native-maps in iOS and Android. This avoids clicking through menus in Android Studio and Xcode.

      > npm install
      Call npm install after cloning a repository to download all the related packages.

      > ps aux | grep react-native
      Show any running react-native development servers that are running. I usually run this when I want to see if my port is blocked and I need to kill a dormant process.

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