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      What extra things we can add to the lounge area?

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      – We can figure out the way, how best to use technology.
      – Study with fun

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      How many students are allowed to enter in student lounge?

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      Generally, students go for project discussion and tech uses. So as they have any free lecture or have allocated lecture for the project then a few students can be there at a time.
      Generally, there is no restriction on numbers. But if there is enough student to sit, then you have to find another place for your discussions.

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      What are the must need things in a college lounge area if it’s for study/project discussion?

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      1. Enough numbers of chairs and tables(basic thing)
      2. At least 2 projectors
      3. Another Required technologies(Some No. of PC’s, adapters, desks, Internet Connection).

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      Should the structure of a study lounge be the same as the library?

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      No, it’s not necessary to have the same structure.
      – But the area should be enough wide that at least 3 class students can have their seats at a time.
      -I think the necessity of study material is important rather than structure.

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      Does sitting arrangements and area play a role in bringing more students to the library?

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      I will say, yes.
      Because I have seen some college libraries where student spend their extra times in because they found it peaceful and noiseless. The library has that kind of sitting arrangements that students can study and seat very pleasantly for no. of hours.

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