Logical Tags V/S Physical Tags in Web Designing

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      What is The Difference Between Logical Tags And Physical Tags in Web Designing?

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      The difference between logical and physical tags are one of the major concepts in HTML that, when understood, can have a huge impact on a web designer’s way of making things.

      Logical Tags:

      1) Logical tags are designed to explain to the browser the enclosed text’s meaning.
      2) Logical tags are used to indicate by the visually impaired and put importance on the text.
      3) Logical tags are old and focus on content.

      Examples of Logical Tags Include strong, em, span, div and so on

      Physical Tags:

      1) Physical tags provide particular instructions on how to display the text they enclose.
      2) Physical tags are used to indicate how an appropriate character is to be formatted.
      3) Physical tags are also referred to as presentational mark-up.

      Examples of physical tags include big, font, i, b and so on

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