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      Pros and Cons of Library as a Study Space.

      Pratik Nakrani

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      1) The library is a prime shooting ground for research stuff, books, and resources for your study need.
      2) Fruitful Environment: There is an atmosphere of potency that can help you focus on the task at hand. Libraries are generally quiet, which is find helpful.

      1) Since the library is a public area, you don’t specifically get to customize it to your personal rules.
      2) There will still be some kind of systems like you can only refer to a certain number of books.

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      Library vs. study lounge: which is better for study?

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      Here I would like to state some advantages of the library over the study lounge.
      Library staff is there to point you in the right direction. A writing center might be nearby which can help you craft essays or revise papers. There are sufficient resources at the library. And at last, you have that peaceful place to study silently.
      So as per my think library is the better one to learn and study both peacefully.

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      Does the library still open after college hours?

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      No, the library doesn’t open after college hours.
      It even opens after college hour starts.

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      Does a library is better to study or a student lounge?

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      A library is a peaceful place to study uninterruptedly. If you want to learn, read and study alone then a library is the best place for you. The benefit is you will find any required book and material you needed for your study.
      Otherwise, student lounge is there for group discussions/ studies, chilling and all. Both have their own benefits.

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      Does today’s college libraries move towards digitalization?

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      Yes, they are.
      Because nowadays there is no need to sign in a library register whenever you want to go in or came out of the library. There is RFID in your library card, which will verify that you are the registered member of that college. And at the library gate, there is an RFID reader you have to just show your card and if your card will be verified, you are allowed to enter. That’s it!

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      What are the advantages of having online libraries?

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      The biggest advantage is the readiness of information. In theory, having a library’s worth of information online that is always available for access is a huge advantage. Being able to check out a book or article anywhere, anytime makes getting your information easier and faster.

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      Is it more productive to study at the library? Compare to a study lounge and computer lab?

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      Studying in a study lounge or computer lab where other students are present puts beneficial positive stress on you. In the context of libraries, working on projects, assignments, and studying is what you do there. But if you want to study alone or in a peaceful place than the library is a better option for you. And usually, students don’t prefer to study in a computer lab. They just go for their practical practices there.

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