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      how to create world class layout in firework

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      How to create balanced page layouts?

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        Hello Shrinidhi,

        While designing page for print or a website, there are some common principles you can use to ensure balance. The primary objective of any page is to communicate information clearly and effectively to the reader. You can use grids, Choose a single focal point, Use the Rule of Thirds or Golden Ratio, Use white space, scale, contrast, and harmony, Repeat design elements, Use hierarchy to balance page layouts.

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      Hello Viral,
      Firework is a very powerful tool for designers. Here are some of the good layout ideas in the firework.
      -Use States panel for more than animated GIFs
      -Use the Style panel
      -Quick Styling – when you want to quickly take the styles from one layer and apply it to another then —saving a style to the Style panel is a little much
      -If you find yourself creating home.png and inside.png and cart.png, then check out the Pages panel.
      -There are plenty of great symbols already in the Common Library panel. Quickly prototype a form using the Mac or Win(dows) controls.

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