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      What are the types of Internships Available in Computer Science?

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      Computer science is one of the fastest growing to its Crown and growing industries in the economy because it has some of the greatest potentials for technological development. There are several more jobs in software engineering than in other types of engineering, and strong programming skills are valued by employers. If you’re going to be graduating in a year or two, you should continue looking into the internships available in computer science.

      Here are the most popular types of internships for computer science

      Front-End Engineering
      Back-End Engineering
      Full-Stack Software Engineering
      Information Security
      Mobile Engineering
      iOS Engineering
      Android Engineering
      Product Management
      Data Scientist
      Data Engineering

      totally depends on your interest

      before applying for an internship you should have an intermediate knowledge of what you are applying for and then it will be easy to grab an internship

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      What are some basic skills required to get an internship in computer science?

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      Just clear up your fundamentals in your interesting topics like Data Structure or Algorithm. Focus on your done projects, your key skills that present your knowledge in that particular subject and yes on your resume.

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      How do I prepare for an internship interview in computer science?

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      I suggest starting to prepare several months before your interview.
      1. Solve competitive programming problems on online experts.
      2. Read/learn more new algorithms and data structures.
      But first, ask yourself what do you want to do in the field, because Computer Science is a wide subject.
      Right now you should focus more on what things interest you in computer science and start working on them.
      Focus more on learning new things that interest you. Build something good out of it. Do some cool projects.

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