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      What is the max time of training usually IT companies provide during an internship period?

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      It depends on company criteria. Some of provides on about 1 month or it can be 3 months or can be greater also.

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      What’s the difference between training and internship?

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      Training means teaching special skills, work methods rules & regulations, generally practiced by an organization, to existing or new employees so that they can understand the organizational environment and perform well towards organizational goals.
      An internship is a practical practice opportunity offered by organizations, too willing and capable beginners of a profession, for a fixed duration.

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      Is it necessary that we can get knowledge of a particular subject if we have got training through our internship?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      No, it is not necessary.
      Training is to increase our knowledge in a particular subject. After getting trained we can use through that subject that’s it.

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      Which one is better, an internship or training for a 2nd-year student?

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      A second-year student may not have enough expertise/skills to contribute meaningfully in a research internship or achieve much in a company internship. Also, by your second year, training might not be very helpful if you can’t relate it with what you’re learning. In such a case, one might want to look for paid internship or training.

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      What is the Difference between Internship and vocational training?

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      An Internship is usually in a company where you work as an intern to gain work experience. You may or may not be paid a stipend during an internship. However, you are expected to perform job roles through which you learn more about the job and working in a professional environment.
      But, in vocational training, you will not be paid for the task you are performing and you will be considered a student to the company.

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      Does an Internship time Increases your real-world work experience?

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      Of course, it is. By attaining first-hand exposure to working in the real world, you maximize your understanding of the chosen profession.
      It’s suggesting that the best time to start searching for your internship is before at least 2 to 3 months ago. Whether an internship is at a local organization or abroad, think of a value it provides to your CV or Resume.
      Since interns have practical experience, they are more likely to find employment after graduating. By doing an internship students learn discipline, time management, communication skills. Having internship experience make you stand out from the competition. Teamwork through your internship shows that you can collaborate and work very well with others. Once you complete or gain some experience in your internship, you can definitely share your work ethic, abilities to work with others. Employers are more interested in knowing what real-world experience you have instead of what you learned to do from textbooks.

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      The law does not impose a minimum period, only a maximum limit which must not be exceeded if the internship is carried out in the same company:

      – twelve months for university students
      – six months for Master’s students
      – six months for postgraduate internships

      For more info visit at:

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