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      What should keep in mind when answering Open-Ended Job Interview Questions?

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      Provide an example
      -Go in depth, but keep it concise
      -Be confident
      – Focus on the job description

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      List some smart tips for answering interview questions.

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      1. Don’t be hasty when answering questions.
      2. Give answer in short and complete sentences
      3. Tell the interviewer something unique about yourself
      4. Respond by affirming your key points.

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      Things you should take care of during the HR interview.

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      I think it’s usually final round where the company wants to know your mentality in the meaning of the position offered. They want to know whether you will easily fit in the company environment easily.
      So here I’ve mentioned few points, you should take care of.
      – Try to express your abilities.
      – Show your pretentious side.
      – Try to express your weakness in lack of experience(not abilities).
      – Get a brief knowledge of the company.
      – Go through your resume.

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      What things should be taken care while giving first-time job interview?

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      1. Don’t talk/behave weirdly to impress the interviewer.
      2. As per the quote “The first impression is the last impression”, make your first impression impactful.
      3. Always show your ‘I can do/I’ll do’ attitude.
      4. Don’t forget to tell about key points of your project that you have done.
      5. In ‘about yourself’ highlight those skills which can help you to get a job.
      6. Speak about only those weakness which will not come in the way of a job.
      7. Be reasonable when you quote about expected salary.
      8. Prepare well for aptitude test by referring it online.
      9. Just reveal the hobbies that trait the personality.
      10. Don’t forget to greet an interviewer by saying ‘Thank you’ or ‘Have a good day ahead’.

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      What are some tricky interview questions especially for interns?

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      1. Why should we hire you?
      2. Why do you want to intern here?
      3. What’s your goal with this internship?

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      How On-Campus placement is better for students to get an internship?

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      Your submitted resume on the company website, in most of the cases, will not be noticed even.
      -You will compete among the students of the same college in On-Campus placement. The placement process is well known prior to the arrival of the company so you can prepare respectively.

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      What are the skills an employer want in their Interns?

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      1. Interpersonal
      2. Collaboration
      3. Time Management
      4. Versatility
      5. Evaluative Thinking
      6. Research and Analysis
      7. Technical Proficiency

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      What are the common internship interview questions asked?

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      1) Tell me about yourself.
      2) What are your strengths?
      3) What are your weaknesses?
      4) Why should we hire you?
      5) What do you know about the organization?
      6) What are your stipend expectations?

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      What are some points you should know before going to an interview?

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      Arrive at the interview place about 10 minutes early.
      – Make sure that you have a few copies of your resume with you as well as any other documents that you find necessary.
      – Hobbies- which can lift you or drop you. Be very careful about what you talk about hobbies. Be it very real, don’t fake hobbies, they know it right when you start. and expect many drilling questions around hobbies.
      – “The first impression is your last impression”. So try to work on this. Personality is the person’s ability to adapt to new situations. Your charismatic and charming personality can hold your interviewer.
      – An updated and sharp GK is a must to get out the extra attention in your interview.

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      What should be avoided during a job/internship interview?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      Some Basic Points to Avoid During an Interview.

      Pratik Nakrani

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      Don’t look anywhere, Keep eye contact.
      – Never Sit on a chair without a handshake when you are asked to take the seat, always have a smile.
      – Never go for an interview without a copy of your resume. Keep extra copies as HR may take one and you may be asked to meet up manager for the second round.
      – Never carry anything which makes sounds, keychain with bells, a wristband or bangles. Keep it very simple to not catch attention other than your own skills.
      – Never be late for your interview.
      – Never end up the conversation without leaving a positive note to the interviewer.

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      How to prepare for a telephonic interview?

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      In some points, A phone interview isn’t that different from in-person one. In the era of increasing technology, it’s common to go for a phone interview. Larger companies often use this technique as it’s primary step for recruiting.
      There are some points that one should be taken care of:
      1. When you are asked about some standard questions, don’t behave like a robot and don’t read pre-prepared notes as it’s. Act as you are.
      2. It’s important that you provide a clear and concise response. So think wisely and answer accordingly.
      3. Don’t be too loud or soft.
      4. Just make sure you have a resume in front of you, it’ll really help you to provide quick answers.
      5. Before an interview just check you calendar-plan. It may be possible, you have some other appointment or job interview notifications or reminder. Just don’t let them disturb your important interview.
      6. Just putting your battery charge, put your phone in silent mode, turn off the alarm and some other basic things.
      7. Try to wear something that makes or feels like you are a professional.
      8. Eliminate background noise, as it can interrupt your ongoing interview.

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      Tips to answer Internship interview questions.

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      1. Make a Good First Impression
      – A good first impression will set the stage for a successful interview.
      2. Problem Solving Skills
      The interviewer is always looking for a candidate who has a problem-solving and quick though process skills. So provide the answer with an example of your skills, it’ll really help you.
      3. Understand the question before answering
      4. Bring a sample of your work
      5. Close the interview with confidence
      Thank the interviewer for his/her time
      6. Having an elevator speech ready before your interview can make the difference between an awkward moment and a defining moment within your career.

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      Some good ways to introduce yourself in an internship interview.

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      Introduction- is the first step of an interview process. If you’ll nail it, the chances are higher that you’ll move to the next step.
      – After entering the door, first, greet them.
      – Introduce your self shortly and simply.
      – Must show the ability and desire for the job.
      – Just highlight some accomplishments, education, career aspect that matches your job.
      – The interview isn’t about how smart you are, it’s about a specific job position. So, answer it accordingly.
      – If you are a recent college graduate, highlight your achievements and projects. Never talk yourself out of a job or hedge in the first few minutes.
      – Just don’t be too friendly, it can directly impact on your remaining interview.
      -If you are feeling uncomfortable and having a hard time to read what the interview wants, without hesitation just ask them.

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      What are the ways to get a good internship?

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      1. You must be open to opportunities.
      2. Know what you want to learn
      – Before you invest time and energy in an internship be absolutely clear as to why you’re doing it.
      3. Network with friends, relatives, and professors
      – They may help you find good opportunities
      4. Find out what the job requires and highlight it in your CV and interviews
      5. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people
      6. Ensure that you possess the skills required for the job profile

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