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      What are the documents required other than a resume?

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      It’s not necessary to bring anything else rather than a resume and cover letter. But still, if you want to bring then you can carry certificates, portfolios, Recommendation Letter and documents specified in the job posting.

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      What basic documents you should start to prepare to apply for an internship?

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      – Create your resume
      – Collect references
      – Create your portfolio
      – If there(craft cover letter)

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      How do I make a good resume as a fresher?

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      If you’re a fresher without work experience, it can be difficult to identify what to put in your resume.
      Your resume is not just a way to talk about your achievements. It can also be a good way for you to guide your interview so make sure you are prepared to field questions on any topic you have mentioned in your Resume. Keep your resume short at most two pages not more than that. Write your degrees in descending order. Write all your major achievements too in descending order. Use simple English words. These are the suggestions for a fresher.

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      What documents are required to join a Summer Internship?

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      1. An authorization detail from your college officials with as many details as possible.
      2. A reference letter from your professor, describing your interest in a specific area /subject’s mastery.
      3. A set of copies of your all academic certificates.

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      How to write a good resume If you are not having such experience!

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      Start to think like an interviewer or readers viewpoint. – Write it as anyone can easily read. Use sections to split it into simple segments. – Before you start to prepare your resume, just go through some professional resume examples so that you’ll get some basic structure ideas. – There is no exact format for fresher’s or any resume. If you have done internships or projects, then just include it wisely. – If you have achievements throughout your college career, just don’t forget to include it. No matter either it’s related to academics or other activities. A piece of advice is just to keep it simple and brief. That’s it!

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