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      Some Important avoiding things during a phone interview.

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      Make sure you avoid the following mistakes in a telephone interview.
      1. Talking too fast and too much
      2. tech-related problems
      2. Failing to prepare notes
      3. Making yourself too comfortable
      4. Just hanging up at the end of the call
      5. Resist the Urge to Multitask
      6. Skip the money conversation
      7. Never talk over the interviewer.
      8. Skip Filler Words

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      Why the first Impression is important in an Interview?

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      As you enter the interview room your first impression is heavily impacted. If you are in strong to make correspondence, then you are possibly considered as professionally capable.

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      Resume mistakes that one should be taken care of.

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      1. Spelling and grammatical errors
      Try printing your resume out to review or using a free tool to scan your resume for contextual spelling mistakes.
      2. Using an unprofessional email address
      In order to land an interview, it’s helpful to have an email address that speaks to who you are.
      3. Keyword Stuffing
      Use keywords wisely and organize them into your resume so they make sense.
      4. Repetitive words or phrases
      Put the effort into using a variation of action-oriented words and being specific for each position listed.

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      Important points one should not forget in a resume.

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      You send a resume to get a job and it is a statement about you.
      -Tell only your skills, experience, and ability to do the job they want to fill. So match your skill and experience with the job requirement and write it on your resume.
      – Your resume should be either one page or two full pages (not 1.5 pages).
      – Your resume should include at least 5 keywords from the job description. Also, all bullets need to be lined up correctly.
      – The font on your resume should be easy to read and not too small.
      – Your resume should have a summary section at the very top that shows that you meet the requirements of the job. The summary section identifies how you can help solve the company’s problems.
      – Your education section should be clear with your degree, school name and applicable courses, projects or training that relates to the job you are applying to.
      – Arrange according to relevance

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      Some smart tips for answering Internship interview questions.

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      As it’s your first interview to enter in a real-world environment, do some prior preparations.
      1. Answer in short and meaningful sentence.
      2. Employers might be looking for problem-solving skills, so show it wisely.
      3. When asking for ‘about your self’ don’t mug up. And answer in 3-5 sentences. Only about yourself not about the family.
      4. Do some search on the company.
      5. When answering ‘why should we hire you?’- Point out your valuable assets that would meet the organization need.

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