How will I get a job after graduation?

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      How will I get a job after graduation?

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      There are many difficulties that turn around a student’s mind when it comes to choosing the right career option. Questions like “I have done B.Tech, but my skill lies in writing”, “Should I go for Higher Studies or apply for Job?” and “Will I be able to get a job with such and such degree” leaves too many doubts in the student’s mind.

      Let’s now understand this in the meaning of your question.

      (i) Either the degree that you have attempted is being done by everyone and there is a demand-supply gap in terms of jobs, OR
      (ii) You haven’t searched enough options yet.

      In the first case
      If there are too many people attempting the same degree as you are you know you are struggling in a tough race for jobs! The question here is to build differentiation in your profile with skills that are valued by possible recruiters.

      Start by doing the following :-

      1. Recognize the sectors and the roles that interest you and research on the core competencies required for those roles.
      2. Build an exhaustive self-charter mapping your powers and flaws.

      In the second case
      If you think you haven’t explored enough – the best way to go about it is to reach out to people who have been in comparable situations. There are various sources for that like
      College Alumni
      Industry Mentors

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