How Mobile And Voice Will Drive SEO Engagement

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      I have doubt about how Mobile devices  and voice search  will Drive SEO engagement in future. What are the steps should i consider for this new evolution of SEO

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      Hello Archana,

      Most online searchers are starting to see the benefits of using voice searches throughout the day. This method of online search quicker for many people compared to typing & definitely it’s hard in term of SEO; Because content needs to optimize with conversational keywords to make compatible with voice search.

      Regarding Mobile devices, GSC(Google search console) recently enabled mobile first indexing of website. It is essential to make responsive websites. Improving mobile experience can drive SEO engagement.

      Some of the essential steps for a new evolution of SEO:

      1. Mobile Experience Improvements:
      – Improve Site Speed in Mobile (Google page speed insights recently upgraded for a better experience)
      – Don’t use elements in Flash (As per general practice of SEO; keep avoiding the use of flash as mobile doesn’t support flash)
      – Use one website content for both Desktop & mobile to avoid complexity for a spider.

      2. Create question answers type (conversational) content:
      – As you optimize your content for voice search; most voice search queries come in the form of a problem, SEO marketing strategy can observe a big boost if you include specific questions that people ask for quick answers.

      3. Improve local SEO:
      – Improve the local SEO by adding structured markup of local places can connect mobile searchers with your business more efficiently.
      – Business setup in Google my business & adding NAP can give the advantage to be listed in a rich snippet of google.
      – Always encourage customers to leave reviews; Because adding reviews can give the advantage to your business listing.

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