How do I get an internship?

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    How do I get an internship?

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    Internships have slowly graduated from an optional over-the-top resume addition to a basic part of finding a job when you graduate.

    But how do you find an internship?

    Step 1: Know what you need
    The first step in answering the question “How do I find an internship?” is asking “What do I want to do?” Start looking at industries that you’re interested in and get a feel for what they’re seeing for. Make a list of the industries you might want to work in, and then start listing possible internships in each one.

    Step 2: Arrange for the research
    Once you have a list of places to go and companies to work for, you’re going to need a resume. Get a look at an online resume guide, You’ve only observed about fifteen seconds to grab a recruiter’s attention on paper, so do it right.

    Step 3: Make contact
    Start with your school’s career center. Honestly, that is the best source you have at your disposal. They might not have contacts at a particular company, but you might be able to break into an industry from there.

    Also, questioning out a Tweet or a Facebook status. “I want to get an internship at X company. Seems anyone know somebody I can talk to?”

    Step 4: Be Ready
    Whenever you make a connection with someone at a company, assuming they’re interested in you, they’ll ask for your materials. This could be as simple as a resume. Send information as soon as possible.

    Apply to open positions early so that you can follow up early and can show an eagerness to fill the role.

    Step 5: Follow Up
    So you’ve applied, you’ve made contact. You need to follow up or all of that work will have been for nothing and you might end up not getting an internship. Send a short email reminding the recruiter who you are and mentioning your application. They’ll contact you

    Step 6: Interviews
    If you’ve arranged to arrive for an interview, you’re almost there. Yes, only half-done, maybe even only one-third, depending on how many rounds of interviews the company has.

    Step 7: Repeat
    Don’t give up. Every rejection is a new chance to look for a new opportunity. And believe me, you’re not going to get every internship you apply for. You’re going to receive a lot of “Sorry, we’ve chosen someone else”s and even more chances will pass without a response at all. Don’t be scared. To get an internship, you have to be a special breed of persistent. You can do it.

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    How should one prepare for campus placement to get an internship?

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    I would really like to answer your question:
    – First of all, prepare your resume
    – Sitting for Pre-placement talk, describing the company’s vision, product/services offered and details regarding the job profile.
    – Try to make max online test, it will increase your knowledge and will solve your doubts.
    – Make Group Discussions so that it can define your communication skills, critical thinking skills and your interaction and behavior in a group.

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    What are the topics an IT student should learn to get internship offers?

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    It depends on your interest. For what post/subject you are going to do an internship.
    But if you are asking for computer science than,
    Machine Learning, IOT, AI(Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, Cloud Computing
    these are the subjects on which It sector is focusing on. These are the futures of computer science.

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    How do I find internships for computer science after my second last semester of post-graduation?

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    First of all, find your interest in any particular subject. Know all the basics of it.
    And if you are going to join a company in December then start to find companies as of November itself and if you are going to join in summers than starts to find a company as of March itself.
    -Meet your faculties, nearer, friends who are already pass through this process, get some knowledge and then starts to find a company.

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    What are the ways to get good internships?

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    – You must be open to opportunities.
    You may miss good opportunities if you are not paying attention.
    – First impressions matter
    -Find out what the job requires and highlight it in your CV and interviews
    You can do this by researching about the company, speaking to employees, speaking to people who have interned there before and most importantly through common sense.
    -Don’t be afraid to reach out to people
    Don’t be afraid to write emails, meet up, or call people. It may seem intimidating at first but it may lead you to some great opportunities.

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