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      How is game development as a career?

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      Gaming programmers help write and code the software for video games. In your job, you’ll typically be part of a collaborative imaginative team that adds game designers and artists. Your job will originally be in the area of coding, which tells the computer or system what to do for the game to be played.

      As a gaming programmer, you might design core game features, manage game testing and conduct design reviews. You could also work in creation, artistic concept, and gameplay. This career allows for amazing creativity, but the competition for jobs is powerful.

      Steps to Be a Gaming Programmer

      Step 1: Develop High-Level Math Skills
      Step 2: Get a Bachelor’s Degree
      Step 3: Create a Portfolio
      Step 4: Find an Entry Level Position as a Game Programmer
      Step 5: Advance to Become a Software Developer

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      Benefits of having a career in game development.

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      -Earning with Entertainment
      -Make your own games
      -You’re in Growing Industry
      -Work in a casual environment

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