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      Why do Indians rush to be engineers?

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      Experts say, most of the student do engineering to simply want a job. Any job, and given a choice, a job with the government. They don’t do engineering to become a great engineer or to innovate something.

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      What can be the ratio of unemploy Engineers in India?

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      As per ‘IndiaToday’ Out of 8 lakh graduate engineers, 60 percent remain unemployed in India.

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      What does a B.Tech course cover?

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      The B.Tech course is a 4-year professional engineering curriculum focuses on both theoretical as well as the practical skill-based education. Industrial visits and internships are the compulsory segments of B.Tech programmes in India. is more skill oriented.


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      What is the difference between B.E and B.Tech?

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      B.E. – This course focuses on the theoretical knowledge needed to innovate technology. So we can consider it a knowledge-oriented course.
      B.Tech- This course focuses on application and skill-based education.

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      What are the different degrees available in Engineering?

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      There are around 40+ different degrees available in engineering.
      a few of them are listed here:
      Mechanical, Aerospace, Biomedical, Automotive, Civil, Structural
      Architectural, Electrical, Computer, Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Microelectronic, Chemical, Environmental, Materials Science, Agricultural, Petroleum, Marine, Photonics, Ceramics, Nanotechnology and many such…

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