Difference between Training and Internship

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      What is the actual difference between Training and Internship?

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      Training:- Training is slightly where you are in the learning process. You are getting trained by the professionals to master in that field. In training, you acquire the fundamental core concepts. In training mostly you are new to the things. so this is basically a simple learning process.

      Internship:- Is basically related to your educational where you got to apply your theoretical information about the subject you have learned in the particular internship you are doing that when you complete any course training, now its time to apply it practically. At that time you enter any company who offers an internship to work on live projects, so whatever you acquire in your training period now you are implementing it in practice.

      For example, in my case, if I want to do an internship in an appropriate research lab, then I went to apply my information about a particular concept which will be used in the research part, research lab intern where you all will be dealing with a project, where you implement your minds and who knows you can do your first job in the equivalent firm where you have done your internship

      An internship can be of 3/6 months. After completing internship you will get the certificate of completion

      Hope It helps you will get to know the difference of both.

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      Difference between an internship and a job

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      An internship is a temporary profession with importance on-the-job training rather than only employment, and it can be paid or unpaid.

      “Job” is something you work in a company as a full-time stable employee. They pay you either hourly or by salary for work done.

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      What is the difference between industrial training and internship?

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      Industrial training means get trained in work methods, rules & regulations, generally practiced by an organization. So that especially new employees can understand the company environment and perform well towards its goals. Industrial Training can be for existing employee also.

      -Where an internship is an opportunity offered by the company to the beginners of a particular profession/students. An internship is usually for undergraduates and for a specific period. Some companies provide stipend even. It’s an opportunity for undergraduates to learn the whole new industry environment and to increase his/her experience of the industry.

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