Declaration V/S Definition

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      What Is The Difference Between Declaration And Definition?

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      1) Declaration of variable intends to tell compiler there is a variable\function of the specific data type.

      2) In declaration no space is saved for the variable, declaration just tells about the ‘type’ of the variable we are utilizing or we will utilize int he program.

      3) Declaration demonstrates a name that enables you to refer to an object made here or somewhere else.

      4) Declaring a variable in C resembles saying Compiler ” hello buddy listen, I will utilize this variable in my future code”.

      For example:
      int a; //declaration


      1) Definition of variable methods requesting that the compiler assign memory to a variable or define storage for that variable.

      2) A definition then again saves the space for the variable and some underlying value is given to it.

      3) A definition happens in just a single place.

      4) Defining a variable resembles saying Compiler ” hello please Allocate me the memory now.

      For example:
      int i = 1; //definition

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