Decision Making Statements In C Programming

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      What Are The Decision Making Statements In C Programming?

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      Decision-making statement in c language is relying upon the condition block should be executed or not which is chosen by a condition.

      If the condition is “true” statement block will be executed, on the off chance that the condition is “false” statement block will not be executed.

      Decision making is tied in with choosing the request of execution of statements dependent on specific conditions or rehash a group of statements until certain predetermined conditions are met. C language handles basic decision-making by supporting the accompanying statements,

      if statement
      switch statement
      conditional operator statement (? : operator)
      goto statement

      Decision making with if statement

      The if statement might be executed in various structures relying upon the multifaceted nature of conditions to be tried.

      The diverse structures are,

      1) Simple if statement
      2) if else statement
      3) Nested if else statement
      4) Using else if statement

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