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      How do I prepare for data science internship?

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      The internship is an extraordinary method to get your foot in the entryway at the organization you truly need to work for, particularly in the event that you need to arrive a data scientist Internships. There are a lot of advantages for data science interns. They inspire the opportunity to gain from experts, increase reasonable involvement in their field, and they can construct a solid professional network.

      First, don’t worry if you don’t have experience. That’s the reason you are doing an internship – to gain experience in a practical setting.

      You should at least have your basic statistics and programming concepts cleared.

      1) Learn Python Programming
      2) Familiarize yourself with the Linux environment
      3) Learn SQL(Structured Query Language)

      So that you may have a base of knowledge of whether you would like to pursue a data science career

      Just keep a strong hold on your basics and don’t worry too much, an internship is meant for you primarily learn and contribute a little to the organization while you’re at it.

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      How to prepare for a data science internship?

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      For a starting position in Data Science, as an intern, you should at least have your basic statistics and programming concepts cleared.
      As for a choice of programming, you can go for either Python or R, the trend of the industry is moving towards Python, but a lot of the work is still done under R. Familiarize yourself with the Linux environment. Learn SQL and how relational databases are structured. Popular DBs include MySQL/Postgres. Most of the world’s largest sites/apps use some kind of a database.

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