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      What skills do a Fresher required for a cloud computing internship?

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      Computer researchers have numerous alluring profession alternatives. There are numerous claims to fame accessible, some of which include user interface design, software development, cloud computing, security and privacy, data science and big data, robotics, and artificial intelligence. A software engineering internships in any of these specialties will help your software engineering profession enormously.

      Cloud Computing technology is welcomed by many organization and they even hire people for the role of Cloud Support Engineer, Cloud computing Engineer, Cloud Solution Engineer, Cloud Administrator/ Architect, etc.

      So, here are the top 6 cloud computing skills that you need to boost your career

      1. Database skills
      2. Programming skills
      3. Linux
      4. DevOps
      5. Quality Assurance
      6. Information security

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      Are there more internship opportunities for cloud computing in India?

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      Yes, there are internship opportunities.
      But not as much as you think. It is quite difficult to find one unless you have some good portfolio and some good connections in MNCs.
      The best option is to join a startup organization which is working on cloud technologies. If they will ask you to do an internship without stipend then don’t regret saying yes. At least you are going in your interested field to learn a new and a lot of things.

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