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      Is programming an only field for my IT Career?

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      No, programming isn’t an only field for your IT career.
      There is a number of different options in which you can make your IT future brighter.
      1. Quality Analysts/ Tester
      2. Search Engine Optimization Executive
      3. Graphic Designer
      4. Animation Expert
      5. Data Analyst
      6. UI/UX Designing
      7. Web Designing
      8. System Analysts
      9. Project Manager
      And the list is not ending here.
      As per your interest and key skills, you can go for a specific option and can have a shining future.

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      What are the different designing career options available in IT?

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      There are many options if you want to build your career in the IT industry for a designing field.
      The options are below:
      Graphic Designer, UI/UX Designer, Multimedia artist & Animator, Web Designer, 3D Illustrator, Visual Designer, Augmented Reality Designer,
      Art Director.

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      List Benefits of choosing IT as a career option.

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      I would like to say there are endless benefits to choosing IT as a career option.
      Here is the on-going list:
      1. Better Income
      2. Fastest Growing Industry
      3. Variety of career options
      4. Always in demand
      5. Get connected to the most connected people
      6. Being Creative
      7. Will starting to find multiple ways to solve a single difficulty
      8. Manageable work style

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      How I start my career in the IT industry after having a gap of 3 years.

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      Here are some tips that will definitely help you:
      1. Build a strong CV.
      2. Well, prepare for the question on the gap of 3 years.
      3. Just make your basics strong and clear.
      4. Be seen as an active person in the industry.

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      Can anyone select CSS as his/her career option in IT?

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      When it comes to web development or web designing just assume the site without CSS. You can clearly pretend how it will look! For your site’s structure, HTML is must known thing. So CSS is always there, where HTML is. Therefore your web page is the combination of formation and style.
      – As per 2018 survey, CSS is used by 95.8% of all the websites. Now you can assume the scope of CSS in the IT Industry. Infect national & multi-national companies hire CSS specialist/experts.
      So definitely one can see his/her bright career in CSS.

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      Will a specific web development course give me expertise in web development? Can it give me a bright career?

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      Of course, a specific web development course in IT can give you a sparkling future. But before you start any web development course there are some basic skills a web developer should have.
      -You need the same skills you need to learn any new thing. You will need curiosity, You will need self-motivation, some knowledge of how to surf around the web, using Google, finding answers on the web will help you once you will get started.
      -And after getting learn CSS, HTML, PHP, MySQL you can be masters of the web developer.

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      Does it hard to make a career in web development?

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      The answer is no.
      – To learn anything, you should have your basics clear. Apply this same logic for web development. If you’ll have clear basics then web development will be very easier for you.
      -To develop your logic you may start doing different activities,
      like solve patterns, solve Sudoku puzzle, start to analyze the things will really help you to develop your logic.
      After all these things you’ll start enjoying web developing.

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      What are the most In-demand IT career paths based on earning ability?

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      Here is the ongoing list for most In-demand career paths based on earning ability,
      – Database Administrator
      – Mobile Application Developer
      – Web Developer
      – IT Help Desk Technician
      – Network Administrator
      – Video Game Designer
      – Graphic Designer
      – Health Information Technician
      – IT Security Specialist
      – AutoCAD Drafter
      – Software Engineer
      – IT Manager
      – System Analyst
      – IT Project Manager
      – Data Scientist
      – User Interface Developer
      – Computer Animator
      – Network Architect
      – Robotics Engineer

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      What are the benefits of choosing Animation as a career?

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      Benefits are a lot:
      a. Creativity with Freedom
      b. Creative Expansion
      c. Personal Creation
      d. Globally Required
      e. Easy To Learn
      f. Good Pay

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