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      Possible Careers Options for Network Administrators.

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      In recent time it’s true that every company uses computer networks in some way. This means there is also a huge demand for trained, highly-skilled Network Administrator.
      Depending on the needs, an admin has different responsibilities.
      Below are some career opportunities for a network administrator
      1.Network Engineer
      -Network Engineer is a career option that focuses on the design and installation of a computer system/networks.
      2. Network Analysts
      His/her responsibility is to analyze the network and if there any issue then use an effective method to resolve that issue.
      3. Network Security
      They are highly responsible for designing and implementing security solutions or algorithms.
      4. Field Technician
      Your main work is to travel to different locations (if you are working in a large firm)and ensure that the computer network is operating properly.
      5. Freelance as a Network Consultant
      Freelancing provides you a platform where you can show your skills, you can get work. So as a consultant, you can provide your expertise.

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      Advantages of choosing a career in Network Administration.

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      There are lots of benefits. Some of them are here
      1. High Salary Even for Entry level Post
      2. Big Chance for Advancement
      3. Develop Real World Skills
      4. A bigger Opportunity-Freelancing
      5. And the main advantage is the huge demand in the field.

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      What are the main responsibilities of the Network Administrator?

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      I think there are 3 to 4 main responsibilities an admin has to do;
      1. Plan and Design the Network
      – the task usually not performed a new admin. In the case, if the senior admin is doing this task he/she should have knowledge of hardware and software network.
      2. Set Up the Network
      -This phase involves installing the hardware, configure database, hosts, router, network configuration and etc.
      3. Maintain and Expand the Network
      – Expand the size, extend computers, administering security, troubleshoot network problems these are considered as a maintenance problem.

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      How is the future scope of networking in the upcoming years?

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      For a beginner, the graph might be up-down but as time flies he/she becomes an expert.
      Networking is an ever-growing area in which there is a constant need for support.
      Networks are becoming progressively more and more complex as technology is advancing and growing. So I don’t think the demand for a network specialist will go out of way anytime.
      The demand also changes depending on the amount of experience you have and abilities. Companies have started strong funding in Computer Networks.
      It’s true that as a fresher, one needs to focus on learning and gaining knowledge in different areas rather than earning. No matter you are in which field this quote you can apply to anyone who is a beginner.

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      What should one do to have a good career growth in networking?

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      A career in networking is a good choice. The first step for you is to get some experience in the networking field.
      Like most of the other certifications, this certification CCNA just may help you to strengthen your resume or it may help your profile stand out of the crowd, but it doesn’t have any academic value unless you have the exact experience to match it with.
      Coming to career growth, there wouldn’t be many opportunities waiting for a fresher so sometimes you would be mostly working on Support projects.
      You should start with learning Routing and Switching technology which can later be followed by any track of your choice (security, voice, data center, etc). You can always try to blend multiple technologies to ease your work.

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      What is the scope of computer networking in India?

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      There is scope for Networking in India, but it has not yet grown up. For networking, its the service providers which hire most of the professionals for configuring/maintaining/designing their network. We have big service providers like Airtel/Reliance but they don’t really hire network professions as the US Service providers hire.
      In case you want to start your career from networking, you need to know what do you want to do first :
      – If you want to design new protocols or work on existing protocols, you should focus on programming aspects.
      -If you want to do programming on network interfaces like SDN or network operating systems, then focus more on C programming, Java internals, operating system, and data communication.

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