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      How to start a career in the Internet of Things(IOT)?

      Pratik Nakrani

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      IOT requires a basic knowledge of electronics.
      Like LED,transistor,capacitor,voltage,resistor and etc.
      – Second thing learns the basics of programming.
      -learn how to use IOT boards and sensors.
      Arduino and NodeMCU will be better for you.

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      What career opportunities are there in IoT?

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      IoT things work in such a way, it has some varieties in the learning aspects. So, do some research on each area and go with the perfect one in you are interested. Anyone can be an IoT enthusiast, but unlike other fields, IoT job market is complex and desperate skillsets required in this field.
      As per the analysis, the sector has listed down some important skill sets needed in the IoT area,
      IoT Product Manager, IoT Architect, IoT Developer, Robot Coordinator, Industrial Network Engineer, Industrial Data Scientist these are some job roles IoT can provide you.

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