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      I have built my app which is a series of lists of images (e.g. just like Instagram). The app seems to crash at random moments. Which steps should I take to investigate this in React Native?

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      Usually, on the Android platform; lists of images are not properly recycled when scrolling. Their memory is never garbage assembled, nor is it manually freed at a lower level. This leads to out-of-memory (OOM) crashes that can happen apparently at random as the app’s memory is exhausted.

      We can investigate this by profiling the app’s stack memory usage in either Xcode or Android Studio. If you scroll through a list of images and notice the stack usage steadily climbing without ever falling, it probably means that your images aren’t being reused properly.

      To moderate this, we can check which list implementation we are using. In modern versions of React Native, ListView should never be practiced; ensure that the FlatList component is handling the rendering instead. If this is not enough after tuning, you can try making your images lower resolution.

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