Angular js related to ui

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    How angular js is related to ui design ?

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    AngularJS It is a structural framework for dynamic web applications. A hybrid HTML/JavaScript framework that simplifies building web applications against RESTful web services for a complete and amenable enterprise solution. It allows you extend HTML’s syntax to express your application’s components succinctly in a clear manner



    1. Security.
    2. Declarative User Interface.
    3. Integration.
    4. Data Binding.
    5. Less Coding.

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    Angular JS is how the user interacts with the application. UI plays a crucial role in data visualization. AngularJS very effective in terms of creating dynamic and single page application.

    Benefits of Angular JS:
    -The framework does not require additional coding.
    -You can simply include attributes in HTML.
    -Designers can also easily learn markups.
    -Build cost is less compared to other.
    -It’s having ready to use templates.

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