1st Feb 2019

The Future of PHP Development in the IT Industry

The Future of PHP Development in the IT Industry

The Information Technology is an evolving field and in the same vein, the need for Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) development is increasing and changing. If you are thinking of starting a career as a PHP developer and not sure of what the future holds in it, I can assure you that by just looking at the current trend, we can predict the future even as no technology is constant in this technical age. But if you want to choose among the web development courses, it is better you go for a PHP certification course. PHP is a Hypertext Markup Language which is the standard markup language mainly used for website development, that is, for creating web pages and web applications.

Although people prefer PHP for developing simple applications, it also has a wide application in complex projects involving C or Java. This is an indication that PHP is both an object-oriented and procedural language, and the most exciting fact about it is that it is so popular that about 80% of websites are PHP-based.

The main motto of PHP is “scripting server-side language to operate a web server“. And below are some of the reasons why website developer make use of PHP framework: very efficient, enhanced APIs, fast-tracking, written once but could be used everywhere the code feature, easier database management, secured authentication, easier template and URL-handling, well-formatted structure, supports Oracle, Sybase, MySQL and so on, can easily run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, and so on, no need to buy high-end software as PHP is an open source and many other benefits.

Some of the popular websites that have used PHP, currently or in the past, include Facebook (which is using a customized PHP), Flickr, Wikipedia, WordPress, Yahoo and so on. And as a developer, I like PHP because it can multithread, which makes it save a lot of time. Also, you can go for symphony course where you can know more about Symphony. Most PHP lovers like a symphony for its excellent performance, documentation, stability and for the modular project facilities that it offers.

To wrap it up, the future of PHP development in the IT industry is promising considering the fact that:

  1. 1. Its visibility is high over the internet and widely used by web applications developers.

  2. 2. Majorities of the big blogs on the internet are built by WordPress while WordPress itself is created by PHP.

  3. 3. A lot of PHP-supporting CMS Joomla, symphony, Magento, Drupal and so on, are open for download on the internet.

  4. 4. It is simple to know compared with other languages.

  5. 5. There is room for regular updates.

All you need to do is to search for PHP training center online using a keyword like “PHP Professional Courses training in Surat” and you are on your way to starting a career in PHP.

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