27th Oct 2017

The Difference Between UX, Visual Design And Graphic Design

The Difference Between UX, Visual Design And Graphic Design

When we talk about the designing world there are a lot of terminologies and job titles floating which make the listener confused not only about profiles but roles and responsibilities associated with each. In this article we shall keep our focus on the difference between graphic design, visual design, and user experience (UX) design. For visual and graphic designing there might not be major differences the only variation lies in their salary structures and job titles, but a user experience designer has very different end-goals and responsibilities from the other two.

Graphic Designers

  • Communicates brand, information or advertisement with the use of text and images.

  • He is mostly into print design likes books, magazine cover, corporate stationery, editorial and print designing

  • He looks after the placement of text and images on the web page in detail.

  • He combines typefaces, hierarchy, color palettes, font choices and other visual elements

  • A Graphic Designer knows how to communicate a message, and always designs with the user in mind.

  • The Graphic Designer needs to know how to sketch ideas on paper and how to develop these ideas on screen, he works with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, in both online and offline formats.

  • Visual Designer

    • They are more concerned with the look and feel of the product and brand and communicate what the site and product provides.

    • His main focus is aesthetics, communication and having a holistic view of the entire project.

    • He works on all aspects of visual art like print, web, illustration, photography, motion, and even fine art.

    • They work on different kinds of projects which demands them to do many things and not specifically designing.

    • Visual designer serves as a mid-point between the pure design abilities of a graphic designer, and the more user-focused interests of a user experience designer

    User Experience Designer

    • Focused on the appearance of the site and how users interact with the site in terms of navigation, change of color, size of widget.

    • Since they primarily work on web, they are proficient in HTML and CSS and know how their designs will work in practice.

    • User experience designers create wireframes, or visual blueprints for a site’s design, as well as digging into information architecture, which is the fundamental way the information on the site is organized, displayed, and identified to users.

    • UX Designers are making user testing, personas, customer experience maps, and are always considering the results to create a better website.

    • The goal of a UX Designer is to make a website easy to use, smooth and efficient.

    • user experience designers ensure that a website is easy to use, and provides products, whether information, a service, or items for sale, smoothly and efficiency

    If you have an inclination towards coding and technical detailing then UX is a better career option, visual designing is good for people who want to work on branding to designing websites and web apps and lastly are the graphic designing people who find pure delights in drawing, designing and sketching be it for print or web media.

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