4th Oct 2019

Skills Required to Become an Efficient Quality Tester

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Skills Required to Become an Efficient Quality Tester

Software Testing is finding bugs in the program and verifying that a program is without any errors so as to meet specific requirements. Thus Software testing is indispensable to produce error-free output without any bugs. There are few qualities that any software tester needs to have before setting foot in this technical domain. Technical skills and Non-technical skills are a software testers forte. The skills one needs to make it as a software tester are enumerated below.

Non-Technical Skills:

Analytical Skills:

A good software tester should have a sharp analytical bent of mind. He needs to break down complex software codes into smaller units and go on to put the program together.

Good Communication skills:

A software tester needs to have good communication skills as he needs to communicate the test artifacts, bug reports in lucid English and plain language easily understood by the developers. Lionizing with developers will require a shade of diplomacy and discreteness.

Time Management:

A good tester should be able to rotate his work schedules as the situation arises and especially during release of the code, he will need to maintain tight work schedules and manage workloads and practice optimal time management.

A Great Attitude:

To be a software tester, you need to be pacing out your workloads with ease and be technically adept at keeping pace with technological upgrades in a fast changing digital ecosystem. You should take ownership of the task given to you and be accountable for all reports that leave your table with minimum external supervisory help.


Having a passion for your job is mandatory if you want to scale peaks in software testing. Check if your passion lies elsewhere beforehand so as not to be deluded in your search for a job in software testing.

Technical Skills:

Cursory knowledge of database/SQL:

If you have to work as a proficient software tester, you need to have a grip on some back-end languages such as SQL Server. If you have to pick some data from the back end and work on it, you need to have a grasp on sql server.

Knowledge of Linux:

If you have to work on server side SQL server and application databases, they usually are deployed on Linux Machines in the front-end, so having requisite knowledge of Linux commands is mandatory.

Automation Tools:

Somewhere down the line you may have to get yourself to progress as an automation tester from being a manual tester for so long and you will have to update yourself with this new tool also. Become thorough on scripting languages like Java Script or VB Script to earn mastery in automation tools.

A technical background with a B.E. in Computer Science should take you into the software testing stream but if you are not so lucky to hold a technical certification of B.E. Computers, you could still find yourself in the reckoning with Quality Testing Course by Smart mentors tucked under your belt which help you learn software development/ test cycle methodologies.

Compensation of a software tester varies from company to company and the figure ranges from 2,47,315-4,49,111. The software tester is deemed to get other perks along with his salary, such as health insurance, gratuity and other perks.

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