10th Oct 2017

Signs You’re Meant To Be A Designer

Signs You’re Meant To Be A Designer

Designing may not be the cup of tea for everybody, more than the technical skills required, one’s state of mind should be such that they do not feel compulsions to design every time rather they should be ever ready to volunteer their talent when time calls for. Designers have a creative bent of mind, they see usual things in an unusual manner, for example- a fog of clouds may appear as a horse in figure to them. In this article we are mentioning a checklist which will indicate that you are a designer but you may not have realized your talent so far.

  • Perfectionist– you behave in a perfectionist manner, calling you an OCD- would not be an exaggeration, when it comes to designing, so much so that a single hyphen misplaced might spoil your mood and resultant thoughts.
    Stationery- you have a great collection of supplies. Either you never walk by a stationery or you may never walk out empty handed from there.

  • Sketchbook Is Your Best Friend– you always carry a sketch book whenever you leave your home so as not to lose track of all your ideas. The presence of a sketchbook makes you happier than winning a lottery.

  • Seeing The World In Color Modes– RGB, CMYK are the modes you can never forget in your sleep too.

  • Browse Creative Content– you spend hours on browsing content created by talented creators on creative market and implement things worth imbibing Be it a simple arrow design or placement of fonts.

  • Brands Own A Color– you associate brands not with the brand names but by their logos and color schemas, so that any minor change in their color strikes your eyes first.

  • Design Is Omnipresent– for the people who are inclined towards designing they see design everywhere and in everything, they cannot stop their minds to fiddle from unearthing lessons, ideas and solutions through the things they see and experience.

  • Detailing Freak– you dig deep down in the details of minute things like things could have been presented better, displayed better or communicated better.

  • New Stuff– you are always ready with your tools to make stuff whenever and wherever possible. You might also get bored because of this unique gift to you.

  • Being Fearless– you never fear of imperfection and other inconsequential things. You delve down to the experimentation level believing haphazard results may sometimes strike a brilliant idea.

  • Billboards- Non– designers always pass from billboards, but designers always stop by them and pay them the attention they deserve (to appreciate or to rectify becomes a different story!).

  • Crib– generally a creative person never cribs about anything because their minds are always occupied by unique stuffs to so. But when they crib it will only be for a bad design.

If you find yourself nodding a yes for all the afore mentioned points then it is the right time to give a flair to your hidden, unrealized potential and try your hands in the field of designing. If you are an amateur get professional training to hone your skills and then “sky shall be your limit”.

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