27th Jan 2018

How an SEO Internship training can increase your job prospects?

How an SEO Internship training can increase your job prospects?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) practice is by no means a new concept. Website owners are aware of its existence and importance from way back. However SEO has gained a lot of importance in recent years due to increase in competition. The phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” has very serious implications on businesses, especially online business.

With this, we have seen an increase in number of SEO specialists/ SEO companies that cater SEO and digital marketing services. But the increase in SEO specialists does not mean that the results given by them are as desired by the clients. Many a times SEO specialists fail to deliver their promises due to lack of knowledge and experience. Hence we advise those who are starting out a career in SEO, must start with an internship.

  • The main reason for an SEO internship is the exposure to the actual working of the industry. SEO is field where continual changes happen. New updates are brought in frequently. An internship with a reputed company will help you stay updated.
  • Internships are a good way to stay in touch with the industry professionals. You get to know people who are experienced in their field and learn something from them.
  • Internships may not pay you well or in some instances nothing at all, but you do get to work on projects. Working on projects will give an experience and complete know how of the SEO process.
  • SEO is not a stand alone process. Web designing, web development, graphic designing and digital marketing go hand in hand with SEO. In such scenarios, internships are a great medium to learn about related field and their association with SEO
  • While working on your internship, you can create your own portfolio. You can add your assignments to your portfolio and that will help you further as a testament of your work.
  • Internships become a huge platform in getting jobs. Many a time, the company for where you are an intern, offers you a permanent position. In other cases, your internship being a part of resume, will be an added advantage while searching for jobs.
  • If you wish to work as a freelancer after the internship, it will be helpful to differentiate yourself. Working in a workforce means you get to know the entire process and thus you can strategize how you wish to differentiate yourself among others.

The above mentioned are some of the most important reasons of opting for an internship before joining the workforce. So take the plunge towards a bright future.

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