30th Mar 2017

Scope Of SEO As A Career Choice – Pros, Cons, Job, Salary & Career Growth

Scope Of SEO As A Career Choice – Pros, Cons, Job, Salary & Career Growth

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is becoming a renowned career across the globe. With lots of SEO career opportunities available in almost all sectors of business, SEO is now a preferred career choice among young students.

Scope of SEO

SEO is the science and art of optimizing your websites to be found by search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google.

SEO plays an important role in bringing visitors to websites and all companies spend a big sum in it. Due to this, there are many job opportunities in SEO. Each website wants to procure SEO services externally or internally depending on its expertise and budget at hand.

SEO has a bright future for not just businesses, but also other people who are dynamic and have good analytic skills. You also have to keep up with the newest trend in the field, formulate creative and clever marketing strategy to beat competitors, have passion on research, and have an edge among others.

The Good about Having a Career in SEO

  • SEO Services Are Highly in Demand
    Due to an increase in demand for the services related to SEO, job opportunities are also increasing. So, expect to see more job opportunities in the industry of digital marketing.
  • SEO Career Offers You Good Money
    SEO is the profession that may be practiced while working for the company or solo practitioners. There are numerous job board that publish SEO job ads. It’s worth nothing that the compensation for the SEO workers is equal to designers, marketers, and developers.
  • A Lot of Things to Learn
    For someone who comes from development, web administration, and design, SEO might not look technical enough and you will feel that you’d downgrade once you make a move to SEO. But, there’s nothing to worry about because you will learn a lot from SEO, allowing you to upgrade your skills.

The Not So Good about Having a Career in SEO

  • Dependent on Search Engines
    It’s true that in any career there are numerous things that are out of your control, yet for SEO, it is the rule number one. Oftentimes, search engines change their algorithms and what’s worse, such changes aren’t made public, so even the biggest SEO gurus admit that they make tons of educated guesses on how things really work.
  • There Are No Fixed Rules
    Although there might be a chance that it would change over time, yet today, there are no fixed rules in SEO. You can work hard, following anything you want, but success isn’t coming. At present, you cannot even rely on bringing the search engines to court due to the damages they’ve done to your business for the reason that search engines aren’t obliged to rank high websites that made efforts to get optimized.

SEO Career Benefits and Salary

In countries like India, the salary for those who have SEO career is in between Rs 1.8 lacs to 4 lacs annually for starters. However, the salary depends on several factors including the number of years of experience, company size, type of employer, city, certifications, and many more.

There are tons of job opportunities in the industry of digital marketing and most of the job descriptions include the experience in SEO. As long as search engines exist, there is a need for both entry level and experienced SEO or SEM professionals.

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