9th Aug 2019

PHP vs ASP.NET: Which is Better?

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PHP vs ASP.NET: Which is Better?


PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development. PHP is comfortable with managing dynamic content, session tracking and building e-commerce websites. PHP made a low-key entry into the world of programming as a small open source project which has outgrown itself in the world of programming. There are lots of popular databases which can be integrated efficiently with PHP Code. Its code is usually interpreted by a PHP Interpreter which is implemented as a module in the web server.

The web server combines the interpreted code and the executed code which could be of any form even images. PHP is fast in its execution which works more immersive when compiled as an Apache module on UNIX Side. PHP also supports a slew of protocols such as POP3, IMAP and LDAP.

PHP favors multiple tier development a boon with PHP stunning one and all for the first time in the ecosystem. PHP includes lot of help for Java and adopted object models, makes different level improvement a reality without precedent for the PHP ecosystem. PHP incorporates heaps of free and open-source libraries in its source conveyance. It’s essentially an internet aware framework with implicit modules for getting to FTP servers and numerous database servers. There are different capacities recognizable to C software engineers, as in the “studio” family, which are accessible in standard PHP builds.


A close comparison between the two would entail many features going for PHP in comparison to ASP.Net because the former is a programming language whereas the latter is not.. ASP.NET rides piggy-back on these two languages C# or VB.Net. PHP is hypertext preprocessor language and to its credit, it has packed a powerful impact for the learning curve that it offers and a wide following of the development community. SO it can be said in favor of PHP that PHP programming language and ASP.NET is a web framework. ASP.NET is not a patch on PHP chiefly because of the standoff reason. PHP is installed across 244 million websites which speaks a considerable lot in its favor. More still PHP has favored WordPress and Facebook making PHP even more unique.

Why PHP is considered better than ASP.NET:

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  • PHP is the world’s most popular and used language on the Internet used by millions of web app development companies.

  • PHP is a mix between a programming language and a web framework whereas ASP.NET is only an application framework.

  • PHP can be learned and practiced very easily and it is best suited for web development. It retains an interest in the language. In Fact it is suggested to learn PHP to begin with to learn web fundamentals properly.

  • A significant point in favor of PHP is that while ASP.NET is a Microsoft provided Web Application Network, PHP is a server side scripting language and most importantly it is an open source framework.

  • PHP is a programming language and ASP.NET does not belong to that category.

  • PHP is also an interpreted script language that is suitable for building websites as per your preference.

  • PHP comprises very less configurations and you can start by simply installing WAMP, LAMP or XAMPP.

  • PHP programming is suited for small business websites and startups.

  • PHP programming is suitable for billing/invoicing websites and CRM’s.

Considering these finer differences between PHP and ASP.NET, PHP comes the winner with decidedly many benefits to its credit.

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