24th Jan 2020

Learn PPC & Boost Your Site Reach To Promote Your Sales

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Learn PPC & Boost Your Site Reach To Promote Your Sales

Did you know one of the best methods to increase your site reach is through PPC? With the right PPC campaign, your site traffic can increase exponentially, increasing your sales.

You will work hard on your website but may not see the adequate amount of visitors. This may frustrate you and make you want to quit. This is where PPC (or Pay Per Click) comes into play.

Utilizing the right PPC tactics, that is the content of your ad, the visual attractiveness, the bidding strategy, budget, and many more, you can substantially grow your audience.

Running a PPC campaign seems simple, however, many people fail to execute a successful PPC campaign. This is why you should get digital marketing training.

For people who do not have time to take digital marketing courses, we have curated some helpful tips that will aid you in running a successful PPC campaign. Let’s take a look at them:

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Keywords will play an important role while planning your PPC ad. This is why it is advisable to use your most effective keyword.

Check the performance of all your keywords and select the best performing one for your campaign. Try not to use a very broad keyword, as this will also show ads to people who aren’t even interested.

It is also advisable to use single keyword ad groups. Single keyword ad groups are, as you may have guessed, ad groups containing only one keyword. This way you don’t have to work very hard to create ads pertaining to every other keyword. Following single keyword ad groups will give you a chance to improve your quality score.

Use A/B Testing Method

The core takeaway of digital marketing is, trial & error. The methods & rules are always changing in digital marketing, therefore, you must always apply something & test it to know if it works.

The same applies to PPC campaigns. This is why it is advisable to use A/B split testing method. Performing this technique will give you an idea of what is working & what you should scrape away.

Typically, there are 4 major areas where you should test your ads, namely:

  • Headline
  • Keywords
  • Body
  • Link

Implementing The Right Bidding Strategy

Bidding strategy is what defines the success of your ads. Going into PPC without determining your goals & hence, without strategizing bidding, will cost you both time & money.

Adwords offer you different techniques to display your ads to the user. Some of the techniques are:

Click-Based Strategies

CPC (cost per click) – This is perhaps the easiest method to bid for clicks. The automated system requires you to fix a budget per day, and accordingly it manages your bids to bring the most clicks possible.

Conversion-Based Strategies

This strategy includes different methods like Cost Per Acquisition(CPA), Return On Ad Spend(ROAS) and Enhanced Cost Per Click(ECPC).

Conversion-based strategy is best if your sole purpose is to increase the conversions for your website.

Impression-Based Strategies

These strategies help you to set the maximum amount you will pay for every 1000 impressions you get on your ads. However, if you have a goal that involves direct response from your customers, then this is not a strategy for you.

Views-Based Strategies

This strategy is best for video ads. You just need to enter the best price you want to pay for each view or any other video interaction.

Target The Location Carefully

Targeting the location of your ads is yet another important aspect you need to carefully plan out. Because, if you’ve a brick & mortar business then you’ll probably want to target your city and not the entire state.

If you’re doing business all over the nation, then you’ll target the entire country. However, it gets trickier the more ground you cover. Based on your market research, you should plan out the radius for each campaign.


Increasing your website’s traffic to promote sales can be increased exponentially in a short amount of time with PPC. This is why learning PPC through practice & digital marketing training is really important for your website’s reach & sales.

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