15th Dec 2021

How To Become A Social Media Marketing Specialist

How To Become A Social Media Marketing Specialist

Social media is one of the most utilized innovations today. This has made it an essential element in any marketing strategy. As a result, social media platforms help businesses increase sales, increase brand awareness, connect with customers, and target specific customers. The importance of these platforms to business marketing cannot be overemphasized.

What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is used to describe all the activities that involve the use of social media platforms for creating brand awareness among audiences and customers. It is also aimed at driving traffic to a website and increasing sales. Simply put, it is the technique used by social media managers to promote brands and products.

With the use of social media marketing, organizations have the tool to make their products and services accessible to individuals who are interested in them. It also creates awareness and makes a business visible to individuals that do not know about those products and services. Generally, social media marketing involves establishing a social media presence for business purposes.

Who Is A Social Media Specialist?

A social media specialist is an individual or a team working with or within an organization. This specialist is tasked with the use of social media platforms in promoting the organization’s products and services. The social media specialist is trusted with measuring, filtering, executing, and monitoring the social media presence and effort of a corporation, brand, or product.

Additionally, help in creating and maintaining marketing campaigns, company information, and brand promotions for their employer. They do this across different social media networks. Furthermore, they constantly push for new plans and ideas, while measuring how well they perform.

Skills Of A Social Media Marketing Specialist

The work of a social media marketing specialist can be tasking. Therefore, a marketer should have vast knowledge and have skills to be successful. Here are some of the skills required of a social media marketing specialist:

Communication skills

Communication skills

A social media marketing specialist must be able to efficiently communicate both in writing and in speaking. This is because the work requires a lot of writing as they will be tasked to post dozens of contents per day on their platforms. The spoken communication skills must be fluent as they will be used when reporting to stakeholders.

Research skills

A social media marketing specialist must be up-to-date with trends of social media. The marketer must also learn about what the competitors are posting and what measurement tools they are using. To keep up with popular trends, most marketing specialists use tools like Google Alerts, BuzzSumo, and Feedly.


It is important to be adaptive in any marketing role. This is truer for a social media marketing specialist. Social media is fast-paced, and its trends move quickly. For this reason, scheduling post is not enough. A social media marketing specialist must be able to try out new features, ready to switch things up at any time while working with the current trend.

Social media expertise

Being an expert in social media operations is an obvious skill a social media marketer should have. This expertise can be gathered through experimentation and research over time. To easily achieve this, you must know how to optimize content for specific platforms and also be able to engage your audience.

SEO skills

SEO Skills

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a great impact on the activities on social media. A good social media marketing specialist knows this. Embracing SEO as an element of your strategy will get you a larger audience. This will, in turn, translate to more potential customers.

How To Become A Social Media Marketing Specialist

Employers require that a social media marketing specialist demonstrates experience in the promotion and use of content within social media platforms. They must also be able to use their experience to build an online community of customers for an organization’s products and services.

Degree programs specific to social media marketing are not common because it is a relatively new field. However, some employers would seek candidates with a bachelor’s degree in communication, public relations, marketing, or any other related field. It is also beneficial to have experience as a community builder, content creator, or media manager for this position.

Nevertheless, there are still other pathways to becoming a social media marketing specialist even when you do not have either the experience or the degree. You can go out there by yourself, exploring the latest social media technology and platform, and learning how to build unique and great content.
You should also understand that you may have to start from scratch in an entry-marketing role if you have no experience as a social media marketing specialist. Luckily, these positions are not scarce because of the state of the industry. Therefore, you will find yourself climbing up the ladder soon if you know how to effectively communicate with a digital audience.

However, it is recommended that you consider attending a digital boot camp or a social media marketing course. It is even common to get hired by companies and agencies these days right after the completion of boot camp. This is due to the current high demand for digital marketers.

Furthermore, a marketer in a generalist position may also decide to move to social media. Some may even decide to specialize on just a single platform. This strategy can be effective most especially when the marketer is freelancing. For instance, an organization already with a Facebook or Twitter account would want someone adept on any of those platforms as a marketer.


Today’s technological world has made social media a mainstream tool for marketing. Many companies are looking for social media marketing specialists that they can collaborate with for their digital marketing strategy. Becoming a social marketing specialist is not difficult. However, you must be familiar with online marketing to be successful at it. If you are considering gaining knowledge and skills in this space, consider attending the programs offered by SmartMentors. With these programs taught by social media marketing experts, you will gain technical skills and exposure to live projects.

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