15th Feb 2022

Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills To Master in 2022 To Get A High Paying Job

Highest Paid Digital Marketing Skills To Master in 2022 To Get A High Paying Job

In recent years, digital marketing has bagged immense popularity among people. You can notice that a large number of people are aspiring to be digital marketers or digital content creators. They want to explore what different digital platforms have to offer to them and use them for improving digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is evolving at a faster pace and playing a significant role in how businesses are marketing and promoting their products and services. Even there has been a change in the perspective of the target audience. They are willing to see revolutionary changes in the online business world and reap the benefits of it. In the current scenario, digital marketing skills hold immense value for every business.

To create your benchmark in the digital marketing world, you need to learn the best digital marketing skills. It is crucial for you if you are trying to build a career in digital marketing.

Before you initiate your career in digital marketing, you should understand why it is essential for you.

Why a career in digital marketing?

Nowadays, people pursue digital marketing as a career because there are many benefits of digital marketing in your professional life.

Some of the most common reasons why people choose digital marketing as a career are:

#1 You have the flexibility to start your own business. You can learn multiple software and tools to help you become an entrepreneur.

#2 Digital marketing skills will help you to get a better salary as compared to other fields. As these are trending career options and keep on evolving with time, you have the opportunity to learn new skills, upgrade yourself and earn better.

#3 In the digital marketing field, you get a wide variety to choose your role. You can be a content writer, social media manager, digital marketing analyst, and various other roles. It is crucial to choose responsibilities, learn skills, and get started.

#4 You can kick-start your career. IT industries thrive today, whether you are a fresher or experienced, it is easy to get into multinational companies with different roles and start your career.

Highest Paying Digital Marketing Skills To Master (7-8 skills)

#1 Getting Knowledge On The Marketing Automation:

The Marketing Automation

Have you heard of marketing automation before? If not, this is the right time to do so. It is one of the most essential digital marketing skills to help you understand the digital marketing spectrum. While learning this digital marketing skill, you will develop the ability to optimize a wide range of marketing software to automate digital marketing functionalities and activities.

With optimization, you would be able to use the tools to identify potential target audiences, capture them, and convert them into customers. You can employ various digital marketing tactics such as SMS marketing, email marketing, and push notifications to capture the leads.

Salary Expectations Of A Digital Marketing Automation Specialist:

It is usually between $61,080 globally and 6-6.5 Lakh INR in India (PayScale).

#2 Develop Video Marketing And Creation Skills:

Video content has the power to capture user attention, and can go viral within no time. You can develop skills in this field to improve business brand awareness. You can create promotional and marketing videos of products and services. You can use various online tools.

If you pursue a career as a video marketer and producer, you can expect a salary of around $57,377 globally. You can expect 5-6 Lakh is considered average in India.

#3 Paid Media Analyst:

Paid Media Analyst

By developing these skills, you have the responsibility to generate high-quality web traffic through paid media. It can include social media ads (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) and even Google. You have to create ad campaigns, analyze them, and get desired results.

A paid media analyst usually earns around $66,150 globally, and 4-5 Lakhs is considered average in India (PayScale).

#4 Content Media Marketer:

Just employing SEO tactics cannot work in the modern era. You need to develop content writing skills to create top-quality content. It will help capture the attention of the target audience. With this, you can increase web traffic. The content media market has the responsibility to optimize the content according to business requirements. It will drive web traffic and increase sales. High-quality content is considered an unpaid or organic way to drive target-oriented traffic to blogs/business websites. Enrolling in digital marketing courses can allow you to gain knowledge holistically.

A content media marketer can earn up to about $51,630 globally and 4-5 Lakh in India on average. (PayScale).

#5. Copywriting:

Usually, this skill is confused with content writing. But there is a vast difference between content media marketing and copywriting.

While learning copywriting skills, you will know how to capture the audience’s sentiments. You can use them for the business brand. It helps in creating brand awareness and developing brand USP. They are in trend these days as they can design business demand in the market.

If you are diving into the salaries, the entry-level copywriter can get up to $53,154 globally and a 3-5 Lakh average in India.

If you want to learn digital marketing skills, you can take any professional online course or join a master’s class. These things will help you to kick-start your digital marketing career. The best thing you could do to enhance your digital marketing skills is to join SmartMentors.

Benefits of Enrolling at SM

SmartMentors offer varied advantages for all students. Let us know what those benefits are:

  • All the students have the flexibility to choose classroom training or virtual classes. You can conveniently browse the courses, choose the best one, and get started.
  • For all the courses, you will get access to the online educational material.
  • The industry experts will provide training in all the courses available at SmartMentors.
  • The students can request a free demo for different courses to know how and what they will be learning.
  • You will get placement assistance.
  • Learning would take place in small batches. Mentors could pay individual attention to students.


SmartMentors is an institute in Surat, Gujarat, where you can learn varied digital marketing skills. You can visit the website and check all the basic and advanced digital marketing courses that can help you understand all the essential skills in-depth. You would also have an opportunity to get hands-on experience on live projects so that you know the actual digital marketing processes and functionalities.

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