16th Jan 2023

Graphic Design: How to Use Canva for Designing Social Media Posts?

Graphic Design: How to Use Canva for Designing Social Media Posts?

Everything about social media involves engaging your online audience with the best possible content. Indeed, social media users receive visual content if they find it appealing. Once you create an exciting design and keep up with doing so, your social media can have a buzz of followers.

Every task that demands your full attention can consume your efforts or be time-effective. With Canva, your task can be reduced because this social media design tool can reduce stress. Here is what you should know about Canva and how you can use it to design your posts on social media.

What Is Canva?

What Is Canva

Canva is an excellent graphics tool that allows you to design professional content in simple steps without spending any money. Canva uses drag-and-drop functions, which makes it easy to design. The tool can deliver preloaded visual tools, fonts, and templates that allow you to create social media graphics seamlessly. It provides free and paid versions. The free version allows you to create simple or primary social media graphics. You must upgrade your Canva account for more features to access the paid version.

How Can Canva Design Help Social Media management?

How Can Canva Design Help Social Media management

Canva is an easy tool for designing graphics for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even use it to design an email newsletter because it functions as a drag-and-drop tool. With a good Canva design, your social media can grow dramatically, and you can maintain your media presence.

The following are ways Canva tools can help you improve social media management:

1. It Improves Facebook Cover Image

Your cover photos on Facebook are one of the first things that catch your audience’s attention when they click on your profile. Your Facebook cover photos can give your online audience an instant impression of what you do, who you are, and what you offer. Therefore, changing your Facebook cover image from time to time is best to remind your audience of your online availability.

Why Should You Pay Attention to Your Facebook Cover Image?

  • It enables you to emphasize specific points in your post.
  • It shows your presence online. It also shows your engagement with your audience.
  • It shows your audience everything your brand represents through font designs and colors.

Canva’s graphic tool has multiple free Facebook and professional cover templates for designing customized cover pages with just a click.

2. Branded Photos

In a networking economy, Canva helps bring solutions to complex problems. You will only work hard to create an appealing and customized photo from scratch that others repost with mentioning your brand’s name. With Canva, it is easy to brand images through drag-and-drop tools. No matter what you choose to design, such as your brand logo, hashtag, or social media handle, if you took a long time to work on the task before, it will only take a little time with Canva.

You can upgrade to the “transparent canvas” tool for a more private result. With this tool, branding your social media images will look non-invasive and dexterous to your online viewers. The upgraded Canva version allows you to design with the Canva logo sitting discreetly in the lower suitable space without overwhelming the design on your branded image.

3. Pinterest Graphics

Pinterest is one of the best application platforms for content like pictures and videos. Pinterest has maintained its reputation as a place for many users to adopt skillful opportunities over the years. People use the application to search for or engage with dimensional content that guides them to blogs, homepages, or products. You will like using Canva to design your post because you want the best for your brand. Therefore, your Pinterest site must be the center of your digital representation. Canva makes it easy for visitors to pin your page contents and blog posts to their application boards.

With Canva design, you can direct many Pinterest users to your blog post or make them save their preferred content, such as images or quotes. Canva flourishes with myriads of Pinterest graphics of different sizes and shapes, allowing you to generate an outstanding design.

4. Instagram Stories

According to social media researchers, some reports claim that Instagram has more than 1 billion users who actively participate on the platform monthly. Interestingly, about 500 million active individuals make use of Instagram stories daily. You can strategize on the Instagram platform if you are looking for places to engage or invest.

It will be worth your effort and time if you venture into Instagram marketing through online stories. When you use Canva, you can access templates to help you design multiple Instagram stories. Using Canva templates allows you to exert your marketing strengths more stylishly and strategically. Using Canva is also time-saving.

How Do You Use Canvas To Design Social Media Graphics?

1. Choose a Template

Choose a template to explore when using Canva to design your social media posts. There are several media graphics for different themes and industries, such as sales, travel, quotes, holidays, and parties. Search for the best graphic for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and other platforms, and click your favorite template.

2. Use the Features

Use your Canva features to design icons, images, photos, illustrations, shapes, speech bubbles, and other tools. You can explore and add filters using the image effect features or animation features to create movements.

3. Customize Your Design

You can have a great social media post or graphic by uploading unique artwork and photos. Customize a color scheme and background, and add audio or video to complete the design.

4. Save and Share

After designing, please save what you have done and download it as GIFs, PNGs, or JPGs. Afterward, use Canva to upload the design to your social media.


The best thing you can do with your social media page is to get creative with Canva. It changes the graphic narrative, makes the task easy, and helps attract followers. You can use Canva to design social media posts in real-time or with a team in a few minutes.

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