21st Oct 2017

Graphic Design Certificate Worth It Or Worthless?

Graphic Design Certificate Worth It Or Worthless?

The education or knowledge once gained never goes wasted. They become your long tern assets if invested and utilized properly with correct guidance. The question here is about getting a degree in Graphic Designing will prove to be worth or worthless. As mentioned earlier the degrees or certificate never go a waste, when earned with formal education by giving the time deserved. So, here we are underlying certain factors of how a certificate can prove to be worth it.

1. More Job Opportunities – When one thinks to get trained and become certified the major sub conscious thought is of job prospects. Employers today expect the candidates to have a degree in the respective field, by owing a degree one can increase their employment potential.
Graphic designing asa profession requires a portfolio of one’s tangible work, and the same can be made when one has spent dedicated hours behind the work, having sleepless nights and due diligence to make their mark in their studies. A degree or certificate testify all these investments made by a candidate where the certificates and portfolios speak themselves of the worthiness of a candidate’s talent.So, whether you earn an associate or bachelor’s degree/ certificate in design, having this formal education under your belt qualifies you for more than 10 times as many jobs as an individual with no degree.

2. Increases Earning Potential – A well-trained designer is paid more as compared to an amateur. Degrees not only make you qualified for jobs but also helps in earning more. The professional training that comes with earning a degree proves you are dedicated and reliable and employers are willing to pay more for that. Formally educated designers can demand a higher salary because they have skills, experience and training to back it all up. Where their experience may lay several unique ways to address any work issues.

3. Competitive edge – Talk among the recruiters say that they prefer hiring a degree holder as compared to the self-taught designer. “Obtaining a degree in graphic design validates your dedication and brings credibility to your occupation”. Formally educated designers are preferred everywhere because they require less training and explanation and are more efficient overall proving to be an asset for the company from day1. In contrast a self-taught designer will be a liability first on whom more investments need to be made by the company in terms of training, internship and salaries. While anyone can learn the basics of design software, a degree shows an employer that you’re serious enough to invest in your personal development. Without even seeing your portfolio, having a degree listed on your resume demonstrates your self-worth and commitment to evolve as a professional.

4. Expert Guidance – Another advantage of earning a graphic design degree is that you have the unique opportunity to sharpen your skills alongside industry experts. Most graphic design programs employ faculty members who have years of experience under their sleeves. Watching Do-It-Yourself videos at home can’t compare to the priceless, hands-on instruction you could receive from an expert mentor. Their coaching goes much deeper than just the content of the courses. Also, their experience helps them to apply the coursework directly to practicality.

As a graphic design student, you can also build your portfolio alongside a seasoned professional. After receiving constant advice and feedback on your work from a project critique, the resultant is a professional portfolio. The safe confines of a coaching or classroom, whether on campus or online, provide a unique environment to mature and learn from your mistakes. As a self-taught designer, the errors that may come with ‘learning as you go’ could cost your client thousands of dollars.

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