15th May 2020

Digital Marketing As A Career Choice In The Year 2020

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Digital Marketing As A Career Choice In The Year 2020

Digital marketing has become essential for every business and with every business looking for a digital platform to promote their products and services there are a lot of job opportunities in this field. Digital Marketing has become one of the most popular choices in the year 2020. Since many years, IT has been a very lucrative career choice and as Digital Marketing blends IT with marketing, it has opened doors to individuals from diverse streams.

Core Areas of Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is a very broad subject, but the core areas are:

1) Search Engine Optimization: SEO is the process of increasing the ranking of the website in search engines to get quantity and quality traffic to the site. SEO mainly aims at increasing the website rankings in organic manner i.e unpaid results. It involves adding content, optimizing the content using specific keywords, modifying HTML etc.

2) Social Media Marketing: As the name itself suggests it is marketing using social media platforms to promote products/services and build brands. The major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat. This form of marketing involves engaging the audience using great content on these platforms which in turn increases the sales and also helps in getting traffic to the website.

3) Content Marketing: It is a marketing strategy of creating valuable content, publishing and distributing it to acquire a quality audience. Content Marketing has a great return on investments as they engage the visitor, create brand awareness and it has the potential to deliver for your business over the long term. While doing content marketing the one thing you need to be very clear with, is your target audience and write contents to engage with that particular audience.

4) Mobile Marketing: With the increase in the sales of smartphones and tablets, this digital marketing strategy aims at reaching the target audience on their mobile devices. Various ways it is done is through SMS marketing, in-game mobile marketing, app based marketing, location based marketing etc.

5) Pay per click: It is a digital marketing model to drive traffic to a website using a click. Everytime an ad is clicked and the sender is directed to the website, the advertisers pay a certain amount of fee.Google Ads is the popular PPC platform along with other PPC platforms like Microsoft advertising and Amazon Advertising.

There are various career choices available in abundance in the above areas and it tends to increase as there are more businesses entering into digital platforms. The various job roles available are:
· SEO Executive
· SEO Analyst
· SEO Manager
· Social Media Analyst
· Social Media Manager
· Social Media Expert
· PPC Executive
· Content Writer
· Content Marketing Manager
· PR Specialist
· E-mail Marketing Executive
· Online Marketing Executive
· Digital Marketing Strategist

Any person with a bachelor’s degree with good communication and analytical skills will be a good match for entry level jobs in digital marketing. Any certification in the above-mentioned areas will be an added advantage.

Digital Marketing is here to stay and is in a flourishing mode. There are going to be an abundance of opportunities in this field not only in terms of jobs but also for people who are looking for freelancing assignments. The future shines bright for digital marketers and if you are confused about what career choice to make then you need to give a thought about this field.

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