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  • Section 1 - Introduction of UI/UX
    What is UI?
    What is UX?
    What’s the difference between UI and UX?
  • Section 2 - Basic understanding of HTML & CSS
    What Is HTML?
    Understanding CSS Terminology
    Adding Rules to a Style Sheet
    Adding Selectors
    Importing & Embedding Style Sheet
    Three ways to use CSS (Internal, External, Inline)
    CSS Classes and ID
    !important Declaration
    Understanding Inheritance
  • Section 3 - HTML Introduction
    What Is HTML?
    HTML Tags
    HTML Page Structure
    The Declaration
    HTML Versions
    HTML Basic Examples
  • Section 4 - Elements, Attributes
    Other Elements
    Element Attributes
  • Section 5 - Headings, Paragraphs & Styles
    Heading Tags
    Horizontal Rules
    HTML Paragraphs – <p>..</p>
    HTML Line Breaks – <br/>
    HTML <pre> Element
    HTML Style Attribute & Properties
  • Section 6 - Formatting
    Text Formatting Elements
    Quotation and Citation Elements
    Computer Code Elements
    Comment Tags
  • Section 7 - Styling HTML with CSS
    CSS Types
    HTML Style Tags
    The class & id Attribute
    CSS Margin & Padding
    HTML Colors (RGB & HEX Value)
  • Section 8 - Links & Images
    HTML Links – Hyperlinks
    The <a> Tag & Attributes
    The target Attribute
    Create a Bookmark
    The <img> Tag
  • Section 9 - HTML Tables
    Defining HTML Tables
    Tags & Attributes
    Caption & Header
  • Section 10 - Lists & Blocks
    Unordered List – <ul>, <li>
    Unordered HTML List – Choose List Item Marker
    Ordered List – <ol>, <li>
    The Type Attribute
    Description Lists
    Nested HTML Lists
    Horizontal Lists
  • Section 11 - Block and Inline Elements, Classes
    Block-level Elements
    Inline Elements
    Grouping Tags
    The class Attribute
  • Section 12 - Iframes
    Iframe Syntax
    Set Height and Width
    Remove the Border
    iframe as a Target for a Link
  • Section 13 - HTML Forms
    The <form> Element
    The Method Attribute
    The Action Attribute
    Input Types
    Input Attributes
    Grouping Form Data with <fieldset>
  • Section 14 - What is New in HTML5?
    Introduction Of HTML5, What is new in HTML 5?
    Lay out a page with HTML 4 (the “old” way) and HTML 5
    New HTML5 Structural Tags
    What problems HTML4 and XHTML addresses
    New HTML5 API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)
    Removed Elements in HTML5
  • Section 16 - Foreground and Background Properties
    Multiple Backgrounds
    Rounded Corners & Properties
    Borders & Borders Properties
  • Section 17 - CSS3 Colors, Gradients & Shadow
    Colors introduces in CSS3
    CSS3 Gradients
    CSS3 Text Properties
  • Section 18 - Sizing Fonts
    The @font-face Rule
    Different Font Formats
    CSS3 Font Descriptors
  • Section 19 - Responsive Web Design - Introduction
    What is Responsive Web Design?
    Designing For The Best Experience For All Users
    What is The Viewport?
    Setting The Viewport
    Size Content to The Viewport
    What is a Media Query?
    Add a Breakpoint
    Always Design for Mobile First
    Another Breakpoint
    Orientation: Portrait / Landscape
  • Sectiom 20 - jQuery Basics
    What is jQuery?
    Why jQuery?
    Getting started with jQuery
    jQuery Syntax
    jQuery Selectors
    jQuery Event Methods
    The noConflict() Method
  • Section - 21 Bootstrap
    What is Bootstrap?
    Bootstrap Grid System
    Bootstrap Text/Typography
  • Section - 22 Javascript Basics
    What is JavaScript?
    Client-Side JavaScript
    Advantages of JavaScript
    Limitations of JavaScript
    JavaScript Development Tools

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