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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    Installation of LAMP
    What is WWW?
    PHP, Apache, MySQL
    Why PHP better then other language?
    Installation of LAMP
  • Section 2 - PHP Fundamentals
    Language Basics
    Understanding Data Types
    Operators and Expressions
  • Section 3 - Control Structure
    If-else Statement
    Loop Statements
    Switch case
    Nested Control Structure
    Ternary operator
  • Section 4 - Arrays
    Structure of Array
    Types of Array (Enumerated, Associative, Multi-Dimensional)
    Array Functions
  • Section 5 - Strings Handling
    Creating and Accessing String
    PHP String Functions
  • Section 6 - Functions
    What Is Function?
    User Define Function
    Variable Functions
    Internal (built-in) Functions
    Static function
    Call by value and Call by reference
    Recursive function
  • Section 7 - Forms
    Form Handling
    GET & POST Method
    Difference Between Get & Post Method
    Form Validation (using HTML5)
  • Section 8 - Session & Cookies
    Session Handling
    Login Session
    Cookie Handling
  • Section 9 - MySQL
    What Is MySQL?
    Introduction to RDBMS
    PHP + MySQL Database System
    Connection with MySql Database and PHP
    Creating Database and Tables
    Performing Basic Database Operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    Prepared Statements And Bound Parameters
    SQL Functions
    Join (Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins)
  • Section 10 - HTML & CSS
    Introduction of HTML
    HTML Elements, Tags
    HTML Anchor Tag
    HTML Div & Span
    HTML Table
    HTML Form
    Introduction to CSS & Its Properties
    Three ways to use CSS (Internal, External, Inline)
    CSS Classes and ID

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