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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    What is WWW?
    PHP, Apache, MySQL
    Why PHP better then other language?
    Installation of LAMP
  • Section 2 - PHP Fundamentals
    Basic Syntax
    Data Types
    Variables & Constants
    Operators and Expressions
  • Section 3 - Control Structure
    If-else Statement
    Switch case
    Loop Statements
    Nested Control Structure
    Ternary operator
  • Section 4 - Arrays
    Structure of Array
    Types of Array (Enumerated, Associative, Multi-Dimensional)
    Looping with index based array
    Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
    Array Functions
  • Section 5 - Strings Handling
    Creating and Accessing String
    Searching and Replacing String
    Formatting String
    Convert string to array, array to string
    String functions
  • Section 6 - Functions
    What is Function? How to define a function?
    User define function
    System define function
    Static function
    Variable Functions
    Call by value and Call by reference
    Recursive function
  • Section 7 - Forms
    Form Handling
    GET & POST Method
    Form Validation (using HTML5)
  • Section 8 - Session & Cookies
    Session Handling
    Cookie Handling
    Login Session
  • Section 9 - MySQL
    Introduction to RDBMS
    Connection with MySql Database and PHP
    Creating Database and Tables
    Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    SQL Functions
    Join (Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins)
  • Section 10 - HTML Introduction
    What is HTML?
    HTML Tags
    HTML Page Structure
    The <!DOCTYPE> Declaration
    HTML Versions
    HTML Basic Examples
  • Section 11 - Elements, Attributes
    Element Attributes
  • Section 12 - Headings, Paragraphs & Styles
    Heading Tags
    Horizontal Rules
    HTML Paragraphs –


    HTML Line Breaks –
    HTML <pre> Element
    HTML Style Attribute & Properties
  • Section 13 - Formatting
    Text Formatting Elements
    Quotation and Citation Elements
    Computer Code Elements
    Comment Tags
  • Section 14 - Styling HTML with CSS
    CSS Types
    HTML Style Tags
    The class & id Attribute
    CSS Margin & Padding
    HTML Colors (RGB & HEX Value)
  • Section 15 - Links & Images
    HTML Links – Hyperlinks
    The <a> Tag & Attributes
    The target Attribute
    Create a Bookmark
    The <img> Tag
    The src & alt Attribute
    Image Size – Width and Height
  • Section 16 - HTML Tables
    Defining HTML Tables
    Tags & Attributes
    Caption & Header
    The colspan and rowspan
    Border and Spacing
  • Section 17 - Lists & Blocks
    Unordered List – UL,LI
    Unordered HTML List – Choose List Item Marker
    The Type Attribute
    Description Lists
    Nested HTML Lists
    Horizontal Lists
  • Section 18 - Block and Inline Elements, Classes
    Block-level Elements
    Inline Elements
    Grouping Tags
    The class Attribute
  • Section 19 - Iframes
    Iframe Syntax
    Set Height and Width
    Remove the Border
    iframe as a Target for a Link
  • Section 20 - HTML Forms
    Drawing a shape
    The Method Attribute
    The Action Attribute
    Input Types
    Input Attributes
    Working with layers
  • Section 21 - CSS Introduction
    What is CSS?
    Why Use CSS?
    Syntax and Selectors
    The Id & Class Selector
    CSS Types
    Grouping Selectors
    CSS Comments
  • Section 22 - Backgrounds, Borders and Colors
    Background Color
    Background Image
    Repeat Horizontally or Vertically
    Set position and no-repeat
    Fixed Position
    Shorthand Property
    Border Style & Properties
  • Section 23 - Margins & Padding
    Individual Sides
    Shorthand Property
    Margin – The auto Value
    Margin – The inherit Value
    Margin Collapse
  • Section 24 - Box Model and Height/Width
    The CSS Box Model
    CSS Height and Width
    Setting max-width & min-width
    Setting max-height & min-height
  • Section 25 - Text & Fonts
    Text Color, Alignment, Decoration, Line Height
    Text Transformation, Indentation, Letter Spacing
    Text Direction, Word Spacing
    Font Style, Font Family, Size, Weight, Variant
    Set Font Size With Pixels & Em
  • Section 26 - Links, Lists & Tables
    CSS Links & States
    Text Decoration
    Lists style
    Table Borders, Collapse
    Table Padding, Alignments, Responsive Table
    Horizontal Dividers, Hoverable Table
  • Section 27 - Display, Position, Overflow and Float
    The Display Property
    Block-level Elements
    The Position Property
    Overflow Property
    overflow-x and overflow-y
    The float Property
    float and clear
  • Section 28 - Combinators, Pseudo-classes & Elements
    Pseudo Classes
    Pseudo Elements
    The :first-child Pseudo-class
    What are Pseudo-Elements?
    The ::first-letter, ::before, ::after element
  • Section 29 - Forms
    Styling Input Fields & Buttons
    Padded Inputs
    Input with icon/image
    Animated Search Input
    Styling Select Menus & Textarea
  • Section 30 - Introduction and Installation
    General OOP and MVC concepts in Magento
    What is E-commerce?
    Magento – Overview
    Magento – Installation
    Magento – Architecture
  • Section 31 - Store Setup
    Product Overview
    Setup Languages
    Setup Contact
    Setup Categories
    Setup Products
    Setup Inventory
    Setup Taxes
    Setup Shipping Rates
    Setup Payment Plans
    Setup Payment Gateway
    Setup Payment Methods
    Setup Currencies
    Setup Check Out Options
    Setup Paypal Payment
    Setup Google Checkout
    Setup Store Live
  • Section 32 - Magento Order Processing
    Orders Life Cycle
    Setup Order Options
    Setup Order Emails
    Create Orders
    Manage Orders
  • Section 33 - Magento System Setup
    Setup Customers
    Setup Google Analytics
    Setup URLs
    Setup Youtube Video
    Setup Facebook Likes
    Setup Translation
    Setup System Theme
    Setup Page Title
    Setup Page Layout
    Setup New Pages
    Setup CMS
    Setup Newsletter
  • Section 34 - Magento Optimization
    Environment Optimization
    Configuration Optimization
    Code Optimization
    Frontend Optimization
    Database Performance
    Search Engine Optimization

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