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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    What is WWW?
    PHP, Apache, MySQL
    Why PHP better then other language?
    Installation of LAMP
  • Section 2 - PHP Fundamentals
    Language Basics
    Using Variables In PHP
    Data Types
    About Loose Typing
    Operators and Expressions
  • Section 3 - Control Structure
    If-else Statement
    Switch case
    Loop Statements
    Nested Control Structure
    Ternary operator
  • Section 4 - Arrays
    What Is An Array?
    Create An Array In PHP
    Array Functions
  • Section 5 - Strings Handling
    Creating and Accessing String
    String functions
  • Section 6 - Functions
    What Is Function?
    User Define Function
    Variable Functions
    Internal (built-in) Functions
    Call by value and Call by reference
    Recursive function
  • Section 7 - Forms
    Form Handling
    GET & POST Method
    Difference Between Get & Post Method
    Form Validation (using HTML5)
    Complete Form Example
  • Section 8 - Session & Cookies
    Session Handling
    Cookie Handling
  • Section 9 - MySQL
    What Is MySQL?
    Introduction to RDBMS
    Connection with MySql Database and PHP
    Create A MySQL Database
    Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    Prepared Statements And Bound Parameters
    SQL Functions
    Join (Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins)
  • Section 10 - HTML Introduction
    What is HTML?
    HTML Tags
    HTML Page Structure
    The Declaration
    HTML Versions
    HTML Basic Examples
  • Section 12 - Headings, Paragraphs & Styles
    Heading Tags
    Horizontal Rules
    HTML Paragraphs – <p>..</p>
    HTML Line Breaks – <br/>
    HTML <pre> Element
    HTML Style Attribute & Properties
  • Section 13 - Formatting
    Text Formatting Elements
    Quotation and Citation Elements
    Computer Code Elements
    Comment Tags
  • Section 14 - Styling HTML with CSS
    CSS Types
    HTML Style Tags
    The class & id Attribute
    CSS Margin & Padding
    HTML Colors (RGB & HEX Value)
  • Section 15 - Links & Images
    HTML Links – Hyperlinks
    The <a> Tag & Attributes
    The target Attribute
    Create a Bookmark
    The <img> Tag
  • Section 16 - HTML Tables
    Defining HTML Tables
    Tags & Attributes
  • Section 17 - Lists & Blocks
    Caption & Header
    Unordered List – UL,LI
    Unordered HTML List – Choose List Item Marker
    Ordered List OL,LI
    The Type Attribute
    Description Lists
    Nested HTML Lists
    Horizontal Lists
  • Section 18 - Block and Inline Elements, Classes
    Block-level Elements
    Inline Elements
    Grouping Tags
    The class Attribute
  • Section 19 - Iframes
    Iframe Syntax
    Set Height and Width
    Remove the Border
    iframe as a Target for a Link
  • Section 20 - HTML Forms
    The <form> Element
    The Method Attribute
    The Action Attribute
    Input Types
    Input Attributes
    Grouping Form Data with fieldset
  • Section 21 - CSS Introduction
    What is CSS?
    Why Use CSS?
    Syntax and Selectors
    The Id & Class Selector
    CSS Types
    Grouping Selectors
    CSS Comments
  • Section 22 - Backgrounds, Borders and Colors
    Background Color
    Background Image
    Repeat Horizontally or Vertically
    Set position and no-repeat
    Shorthand Property
    Fixed Position
    Border Style & Properties
  • Section 23 - Margins & Padding
    Individual Sides
    Margin – Shorthand Property
    Margin – The auto Value
    Margin – The inherit Value
    Margin Collapse
  • Section 24 - Box Model and Height/Width
    The CSS Box Model
    CSS Height and Width
    Setting max-width & min-width
    Setting max-height & min-height
  • Section 25 - Text & Fonts
    Text Color, Alignment, Decoration, Line Height
    Text Transformation, Indentation, Letter Spacing
    Text Direction, Word Spacing
    Font Style, Font Family, Size, Weight, Variant
    Set Font Size With Pixels & Em
  • Section 26 - Links, Lists & Tables
    CSS Links & States
    Text Decoration
    Lists style
    Table Borders, Collapse
    Table Padding, Alignments, Responsive Table
    Horizontal Dividers, Hoverable Table
  • Section 27 - Display, Position, Overflow and Float
    The Display Property
    The Position Property
    Overflow Property
    Float And Clear Property
  • Section 28 - Combinators, Pseudo-classes & Elements
    Pseudo Classes
    Pseudo Elements
  • Section 29 - Forms
    Styling Input Fields & Buttons
    Padded Inputs
    Input with icon/image
    Animated Search Input
    Styling Select Menus & Textarea
  • Section 30 - Introduction To WordPress
    WordPress Blogs vs Websites
    A brief introduction to WordPress themes
    Getting started with WordPress
    Installing WordPress
    Upgrading WordPress
  • Section 31 - Content Management from Admin Control
    Categories & Tags
    Difference between Posts and Pages
    Create custom post type
    Media Management
    Widgets Management
    Custom Menu & Location
  • Section 32 - Working with Plugins
    What is Plugins
    Download & Install Plugins
    Most useful plugins
    How to create custom plugin
  • Section 33 - Working with Themes
    Install & Manage Theme
    Create Custom Theme
    Create Custom Option
    Concept of Parent and Child Theme
    The WordPress Page Structure
    WordPress Loops
    Utility of Functions.php, Short codes, Sidebars, Page Templates, Custom Widgets

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