Advanced Web Testing Course – Beyond the Basics

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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - OVERVIEW
    What is software Testing?
    Why is Software Testing Important?
    Types of Software Testing
    Software Testing Principles
    Software Testing Life Cycle – STLC explained
  • Section 2 - MYTHS
    Myths and Facts
  • Section 3 - QA, QC, AND TESTING
    Difference between QA QC and Testing
    Audit and Inspection
    Testing and Debugging
  • Section 4 - ISO STANDARDS
    Different ISO standards that are followed in Industry
  • Section 5 - TESTING LEVELS
    Unit Testing
    Integration Testing
    System Testing
  • Section 6 - TYPES OF TESTING
    Manual Testing
    Automation Testing
    Unit Testing
    Integration Testing
    System Testing
    Smoke and Sanity Testing
    Non-Functional Testing
  • Section 7 - TESTING METHODS
    Equivalence Partitioning & Boundary Value Analysis
    Decision Table Testing
    State Transition Diagram
    Use Case Testing
    Testing Review
  • Section 8- DOCUMENTATION
    Test Plan
    Test Scenario
    Test Case
    Traceability Matrix
  • Section 10 - Parameterization In Load Runner-UP
    Load Runner Tutorial – Step by Step Guide For Beginners
    Basics of Performance Testing and Introduction to Load Runner
    How to download and install Load Runner for free
    Introduction to Virtual User Generator – VuGen Tutorial
    How to record your first test script in VuGen
    Exercise – Recording your test script
    How to finalize your recording
    Recording options in LoadRunner
    How to playback a script
    Advanced VuGen Tutorial – Transactions, Rendezvous points, Parameters etc
    How to use Controller in Loadrunner?
    How to use Analysis in LoadRunner
    Types of analysis graphs
    How to view the scenario settings
    How to export results to HTML
    How to merge graphs
    How to save a session
    How to open an existing session
    What Is Agile?
    What Is Scrum?
    Agile Project Management

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