Advanced PHP with MySQL – Beyond the Basics

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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    What is WWW?
    PHP, Apache, MySQL
    Why PHP better then other language?
    Installation of LAMP/XAMPP
  • Section 2 - PHP Fundamentals
    Basic Syntax
    Data Types
    Variables & Constants
    Operators and Expressions
  • Section 3 - Control Structure
    If-else Statement
    Switch case
    Loop Statements
    Nested Control Structure
    Ternary operator
  • Section 4 - Arrays
    Structure of Array
    Types of Array (Enumerated, Associative, Multi-Dimensional)
    Looping with index based array
    Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
    Array Functions
  • Section 5 - Strings Handling
    Creating and Accessing String
    Searching and Replacing String
    Formatting String
    Convert string to array, array to string
    String functions
  • Section 6 - Functions
    What is Function? How to define a function?
    User define function
    System define function
    Static function
    Variable scope
    Call by value and Call by reference
    Recursive function
  • Section 7 - Forms
    Form Handling
    GET & POST Method
    Form Validation (using HTML5)
  • Section 8 - Session & Cookies
    Session Handling
    Cookie Handling
    Login Session
  • Section 9 - Exception handling
    PHP Error Handling
    Basic Error Handling: Using the die() function
    Creating a Custom Error Handler
    Error Report levels
    Set Error Handler
    Error Logging
    Trigger an Error
    Exception Handling
    Try, throw and catch
    Multiple Exceptions
  • Section 10 - Date functions
    Date and Time
    Create a Date With PHP mktime()
    PHP Date/Time Introduction
    Runtime Configuration
    PHP 5 Date/Time Functions
  • Section 11 - MySQL
    Introduction to RDBMS
    Connection with MySql Database and PHP
    Creating Database and Tables
    Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    SQL Functions
    Join (Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins)
  • Section 12 - PHP OOPs Basic
    Introduction to OOPs
    Class, Objects & Methods
    Encapsulation and Abstraction
  • Section 13 - OOPs Abstract Class, Interface
    Intro to Abstract Class , Interface
  • Section 14 - PHP Graphics using GD Library
    Creating Image
    Image resizing
    Adding watermarks to images
    Image width & height
    Add Text To Image
  • Section 15 - File System
    Creating & deleting file
    Reading & writing file
    Working with file
    Creating & deleting folder
    Get data from CSV Files Or XML file
  • Section 16 - HTML5 Introduction
    Introduction of HTML5
    Lay out a page with HTML 4 (the “old” way) and HTML 5
    Diff between HTML5 and HTML4 structures
    New HTML5 Doctype
    What problems HTML4 and XHTML addresses
  • Section 17 - HTML5 Sections & Articles
    The <section> Tag
    The <article> Tag
    Using <section> & <article> Elements
    Outline of a Web page
  • Section 18 - HTML5 Audio & Video
    Supported Media Types
    The <audio> Element
    The <video> Element
    <video> – Multiple Sources
    Scripting Media Element
    Dealing with Non-Supporting Browsers
  • Section 19 - HTML5 Forms
    New Input Types
    HTML 5 New Form Attributes
    New Form Elements
  • Section 20 - HTML5 Web Storage
    Overview of HTML5 Web Storage
    Web Storage
  • Section 21 - HTML5 Canvas
    Getting started with Canvas
    Drawing Lines
    Color & Transparency
    Circles & Arcs
    Images & Text
  • Section 22 - HTML5 Integrated APIs
    Offline Application API
    Drag & Drop API
  • Section 23 - Understanding CSS
    Understanding CSS Terminology
    Adding Rules to a Style Sheet
    Multiple Declarations
    Importing & Embedding Style Sheet
    Linking to an External Style Sheet
  • Section 24 - Selectors and the Cascade
    Understanding Selectors
    Id, Class Grouped & Descendant Selectors
    Using the !important Declaration
    Understanding Inheritance
    Revealing Unstyled Documents
  • Section 25 - CSS3 Background, Borders & Corners
    CSS3 Backgrounds
    Rounded Corners & Properties
    Borders & Borders Properties
  • Section 26 - CSS3 Colors, Gradients & Shadows
    Colors introduces in CSS3
    CSS3 Gradients
    CSS3 Shadow Effects & Properties
  • Section 27 - CSS3 Text & Fonts
    CSS3 Text Properties
    CSS3 Web Fonts
  • Section 28 - CSS3 Transforms, Transitions & Animations
    2D & 3D Transforms
    Transform Methods
    3D Transform Properties
  • Section 29 - CSS3 Images and Buttons
    CSS3 Images
    CSS3 Buttons
  • Section 30 - CSS3 Multiple Columns, User Interface, Box Sizing
    Multi-column Layout
    Multi-column Properties
    Column Rules
    What is User Interface features?
    Box Sizing, Flexbox
  • Section 31 - CSS3 Media Queries
    CSS2 Introduced Media Types
    CSS3 Introduces Media Queries
    Media Query Syntax
    Media Types
    Some Examples
  • Section 32 - CSS3 Media Queries
    What is jQuery?
    Why jQuery?
    Getting started with jQuery
    jQuery Syntax
    jQuery Event Methods
    The noConflict() Method
  • Section 33 - jQuery Effects
    Hide and Show
    Stop Animations
    Callback Functions
    Method Chaining
  • Section 34 - jQuery HTML
    Get Content and Attributes
    Set Content and Attributes
    Add Elements
    Remove Elements
    Get and Set CSS Classes
    jQuery css() Method
    jQuery Dimension Methods
  • Section 35 - jQuery Traversing
    What is Traversing?
  • Section 36 - jQuery AJAX
    AJAX Introduction
    AJAX load() Method
    AJAX get() and post() Methods
  • Section 37 - AJAX Introduction
    What is AJAX?
    How AJAX Works
    AJAX Example
  • Section 38 - AJAX Introduction
    What is The XMLHttpRequest Object?
    Create an XMLHttpRequest Object
    Send a Request To a Server
    GET & POST Request
    Asynchronous – True or False?
  • Section 39 - AJAX Response & Events
    AJAX – Server Response
    The responseText Property
    The responseXML Property
    AJAX – Events
    The onreadystatechange Event
    Using a Callback Function
  • Section 40 - AJAX using PHP
    AJAX PHP Example

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