Advanced PHP with MySQL – Beyond the Basics

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  • Course Curriculum

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  • Section 1 - Introduction
    What is WWW?
    PHP, Apache, MySQL
    Why PHP better then other language?
    Installation of LAMP
  • Section 2 - PHP Fundamentals
    Language Basics
    Using Variables In PHP
    Data Types
    About Loose Typing
    Operators and Expressions
  • Section 3 - Control Structure
    If-else Statement
    Switch case
    Loop Statements
    Nested Control Structure
    Ternary operator
  • Section 4 - Arrays
    What Is An Array?
    Create An Array In PHP
    Array Functions
  • Section 5 - Strings Handling
    Creating and Accessing String
    String functions
  • Section 6 - Functions
    What Is Function?
    User Define Function
    Variable Functions
    Internal (built-in) Functions
    Call by value and Call by reference
    Recursive function
  • Section 7 - Forms
    Form Handling
    GET & POST Method
    Difference Between Get & Post Method
    Form Validation (using HTML5)
    Complete Form Example
  • Section 8 - Session & Cookies
    Session Handling
    Cookie Handling
  • Section 9 - Exception handling
    Error Handling
    PHP Error Handling
    Basic Error Handling: Using the die() function
    Creating a Custom Error Handler
    Error Report levels
    Set Error Handler
    Trigger an Error
    Error Logging
    Exception Handling
    Try, throw and catch
    Multiple Exceptions
  • Section 10 - Date functions
    Date and Time
    Create a Date With PHP mktime()
    PHP Date/Time Introduction
    Runtime Configuration
    PHP 5 Date/Time Functions
  • Section 11 - MySQL
    What Is MySQL?
    Introduction to RDBMS
    PHP + MySQL Database System
    Connection with MySql Database and PHP
    Create A MySQL Database
    Performing Basic Database Operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
    Setting query parameter
    Executing query
    Prepared Statements And Bound Parameters
    SQL Functions
    Join (Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins)
  • Section 12 - PHP OOPs Basic
    Introduction to OOPs
    Class, Objects & Methods
    Abstract Classes
    Object-Oriented Analysis And Design
    OOPs Instance Method
  • Section 13 - OOPs Abstract Class, Interface
    Intro to Abstract Class , Interface
  • Section 14 - PHP Graphics using GD Library
    Creating Image
    Image Resizing
    GD and Image Functions
  • Section 15 - File System
    PHP Readfile() Function
    Creating & deleting file
    Reading & writing file
    Working with file
    Creating & deleting folder
    Get data from CSV Files Or XML file
    Filesystem Functions
  • Section 16 - Basic understanding of HTML & CSS
    What Is HTML?
    What Is CSS?
    Adding Selectors
    Grouping Selectors
    Importing & Embedding Style Sheet
    Three ways to use CSS (Internal, External, Inline)
    CSS Classes and ID
    !important Declaration
    Understanding Inheritance
  • Section 17 - HTML Introduction
    What is HTML?
    HTML Tags
    HTML Page Structure
    The Declaration
    HTML Versions
    HTML Basic Examples
  • Section 19 - Headings, Paragraphs & Styles
    Heading Tags
    Horizontal Rules
    HTML Paragraphs – <p>..</p>
    HTML Line Breaks – <br/>
    HTML <pre> Element
    HTML Style Attribute & Properties
  • Section 20 - Formatting
    Text Formatting Elements
    Quotation and Citation Elements
    Computer Code Elements
    Comment Tags
  • Section 21 - Styling HTML With CSS
    CSS Types
    HTML Style Tags
    The class & id Attribute
    CSS Margin & Padding
    HTML Colors (RGB & HEX Value)
  • Section 22 - Links & Images
    HTML Links – Hyperlinks
    The <a> Tag & Attributes
    The target Attribute
    Create a Bookmark
    The <img> Tag
  • Section 23 - HTML Tables
    Defining HTML Tables
    Tags & Attributes
  • Section 24 - Lists & Blocks
    Caption & Header
    Unordered List – <ul>, <li>
    Unordered HTML List – Choose List Item Marker
    Ordered List – <ol>, <li>
    The Type Attribute
    Description Lists
    Nested HTML Lists
    Horizontal Lists
  • Section 25 - Block And Inline Elements, Classes
    Block-level Elements
    Inline Elements
    Grouping Tags
    The class Attribute
  • Section 26 - Iframes
    Iframe Syntax
    Set Height and Width
    Remove the Border
    iframe as a Target for a Link
  • Section 27 - HTML Forms
    The <form> Element
    The Method Attribute
    The Action Attribute
    Input Types
    Input Attributes
    Grouping Form Data with <fieldset>
  • Section 28 - What Is New In HTML5?
    Introduction Of HTML5, What is new in HTML 5?
    Lay out a page with HTML 4 (the “old” way) and HTML 5
    New HTML5 Structural Tags
    What problems HTML4 and XHTML addresses
    New HTML5 API’s (Application Programming Interfaces)
    Removed Elements in HTML5
  • Section 30 - Foreground And Background Properties
    Multiple Backgrounds
    Rounded Corners & Properties
    Borders & Borders Properties
  • Section 31 - JavaScript Basic
    JavaScript Introduction
    JavaScript – Syntax
    Enabling JavaScript In Browsers
    JavaScript – Placement In HTML File
    JavaScript Datatypes And Variables
    JavaScript – Operators
    JavaScript – If…Else Statement
    JavaScript – Switch Case
    JavaScript – While Loops
    JavaScript – For Loop
    JavaScript For…In Loop
    JavaScript – Loop Control
    JavaScript – Functions
    JavaScript – Events
    JavaScript And Cookies
    JavaScript – Page Redirection
    JavaScript – Dialog Boxes
    JavaScript – Void Keyword
    JavaScript – Page Printing
  • Section 32 - JavaScript Objects
    JavaScript – Objects Introduction
    JavaScript – The Number Object
    JavaScript – The Boolean Object
    JavaScript – The Strings Object
    JavaScript – The Arrays Object
    JavaScript – The Date Object
    JavaScript – The Math Object
    Regular Expressions And RegExp Object
    JavaScript – Document Object Model Or DOM
  • Section 33 - JavaScript Advanced
    JavaScript – Errors And Exceptions Handling
    JavaScript – Form Validation
    JavaScript – Animation
    JavaScript – Multimedia
    JavaScript – Debugging
    JavaScript – Image Map
    JavaScript – Browsers Compatibility
  • Section 34 - jQuery Basic
    jQuery Introduction
    jQuery Get Started
    jQuery Syntax
    jQuery Selectors
    jQuery Event Methods
  • Section 35 - jQuery Effects
    Hide And Show
    Stop Animations
    Callback Functions
    Method Chaining
  • Section 36 - jQuery HTML
    Get Content and Attributes
    Set Content and Attributes
    Add Elements
    Remove Elements
    Get And Set CSS Classes
    jQuery css() Method
    jQuery Dimension Methods
  • Section 37 - jQuery Traversing
    What is Traversing?
  • Section 38 - jQuery AJAX
    AJAX Introduction
    AJAX load() Method
    AJAX get() and post() Methods
  • Section 39 - jQuery Misc
    The noConflict() Method
  • Section 40 - Ajax Introduction
    What Is AJAX?
    Browser Support
    Database Operations
    AJAX – Issues
  • Section 41 - AngularJS Introduction
    What Is AngularJS?
    Environment Setup
    MVC Architecture
    First Application
    AngularJS – Ajax
    AngularJS – Views
    Dependency Injection
    Custom Directives

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