2nd Jun 2017

Comprehensive Analysis Of Graphic Designing As A Career In India

Comprehensive Analysis Of Graphic Designing As A Career In India

Graphic design seems to be a steadily rising career for some. With the increasing popularity of ad campaigns and the Adobe Creative Cloud—particularly Photoshop and Illustrator—graphic design seems to be a go-to career path for many upcoming young professionals. With the competition between goods-based corporations and advertisers intensifying by the second, there seems to be no shortage in demand for new graphic designers. While it might not be the highest paying career of them all, graphic design is still a reputable profession to consider. In India, where forty percent of advertisements are visual, it would be wise for an upcoming professional to have some working knowledge in graphic design.

Requirements for graphic designers seem to be similar worldwide. One key requirement is to have an educational background in graphic design. With more than twenty colleges solely dedicated to graphic design, students have a considerable amount of options when seeking an education. Students can study graphic design in two-year professional degree programs, four-year Bachelors’ programs, or two-year Masters’ programs. These programs, as a whole, center on the practical and theoretical aspects of graphic design. In short, the students will have knowledge in areas such as photography, illustration, typography, packaging, and web design in addition to a plethora of other working concentrations. Given that the world is digitally-based now, there is also a special emphasis on graphic design software.

Using the MIT Institute of Design’s undergraduate program as an example, beginning courses for graphic design would obviously teach the basics. Students will learn the basics of design—such as color, geometry, form, space and drawing. Students can expect to incorporate that bit of working knowledge into computer software programs such as Adobe Photoshop. As their course work intensifies, students are expected to gain knowledge of communications and how design plays into it. Most of their practical coursework would involve creating ad campaigns to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of graphic design.

Gujarat seems to be a hub for graphic design in India, having at least five design schools based there. With options such as Animation, Communications Design, and Graphic Design, students are afforded the opportunity to receive an excellent education in Gujarat. One of the more affordable schools to receive a graphic design through would be the Kalapurnam Institute of Visual Effect and Animation. Offering diplomas in graphic design, students can receive certification and knowledge in graphic design for only Rs. 15,500. Even better, some of their courses can be taken online.

As for salary, graphic designers fare considerably well. For a junior graphic designer, their base salary starts at Rs. 90,000 per annum. However, a more experienced graphic designer can expect to earn up to Rs. 800,000. All things considered, a career in graphic design is not one to be ignored. Given that the industry is booming and the demand for graphic designers is increasing each year, aspiring graphic designers have an ample amount of options at their disposal. With a variety of colleges at which to study and bountiful employment opportunities, a graphic designer seems to be well off nowadays.

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