20th Feb 2018

A complete guide to Graphic design training and certification

A complete guide to Graphic design training and certification

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration.

Graphic design training is now tougher because we see a lot of competition and there are a lot of Graphic designers who are pursuing this career without any certification. We have presented in this blog a complete guide to graphic design training and certification which you must keep in mind to become a successful graphic designer.

Consider Advanced Course

For complete knowledge and skill to become a graphic designer one must undergo advanced training. Every graphic designer benefits from advanced courses. Of course, there is no limit to education and you can study as much as you want but to get into a graphic designing career it is important to get the required knowledge.

Learn from Experienced Professionals

Make sure to select a training academy that has experienced trainers. These days training academies provide trial lectures which are really helpful and give an insight into the standard of training provided by the training academy. Trainers with experience have a lot to teach and impart quality knowledge to the students.

Develop your Proficiency, Intuition and Flow

Graphic designing is all about your intuition, flow and proficiency with designs and your imagination. Your training will make you understand the tools used for graphic designing and you must learn to play with them. Understand your designs and your medium and get to use your tools efficiently, more you can design that are unique and creative.

Work on Projects

Getting a graphic design training is not enough. You must ensure that that training academy you chose has live project training to get good idea about how working on a live project feels and what it entails.

Placement Assistance

It is highly recommended that you chose an academy that provides placement assistance. Most of the reputed training academies have tie ups with companies and can arrange for interview for graphic designers. If you wish to pursue a career in graphic designing with a company then you must ensure that you chose a company with such tie ups.


The graphic design training is incomplete without certification. A reputed graphic training institute will provide certification that will have merit. Most of the companies prefer graphic designers that have certification over non certified graphic designers.

Thus as discussed above choose an academy that has high standards of training and is able to get your creative juices flowing. Make good use of the training and learn all the tools and create a portfolio of your work to show companies. This will help in getting good projects.

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