9th Dec 2017

Common Misconceptions About Quality Testing Training

Common Misconceptions About Quality Testing Training

One of the most important aspects of software development is software testing or quality testing of a software or website. There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about the quality testing on which approximately we all believe. But we all want to know the truth. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the common misconceptions and the truth behind them.

Quality testing will cost you a lot:

This is the most common misconception about the quality testing training. Quality testing training will cost you a bit but this amount is nothing in front of the damages you will get if you will publish your software or website without passing the quality testing phase. It is a common saying about software quality testing that, “Software testing can deliver significant financial benefits – directly and indirectly”.
If you will think about the price and won’t invest in quality testing, then you will end up paying four or even five times more when a bug will be identified after the release of your software or website. And these software bugs can even trash the company’s reputation and can cause the decrease in stock prices. Therefore, the quality testing training is very much important for the company’s reputation because, in this global village, people don’t usually give second chance.

Testing can be automated:

Another misconception we all believe in is that the quality testing of a software or a website can be automated. Automatic testing is not possible without the true artificial intelligence and possibly even then.
Computers are very good at testing the specific things that are recorded in their database. They are very good at doing things exactly the same way many times and very quickly. But humans are really very good at recognizing when something does not look right. They are good at using pattern-matching and spatial reasoning. These skills are extremely resource-intensive and error-prone for computers. It’s much cheaper and easier for the humans to do this and for computers to do the multiple data-based calculations, or simple pattern type tests.

Testing happens at the end:

Another misconception about software testing is that the testing happens at the end just before the launch of the software when everything is finished. It’s not true. A method in which a product is tested after the manufacturing and before the launch is called the waterfall development model. This method is extensively used in the product manufacturing industries and factories. But a software developing process is not like a factory process. In software development when a new thing is added to a website or software, it is tested at the same time & the process continues unless and until all the bugs are removed.

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